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16 Colorful WordPress Themes for Blogs, Magazines, Stores and Corporate Websites 2016

Websites are not side projects that should be taken lightly. Any responsible business can understand that in today’s internet-based age, your best asset is your home page. However, odds are that you will not be the only one to realize that. Competition will be anything but scarce, and you must make sure that you can overcome any challenge posed by your rivals. From a consumer’s standpoint, there is a sea of websites and companies, and it can be hard to pick the right one. Mediocrity is a trait that clients prefer to avoid, as they attempt to secure the best services and products.

There are many things that can improve your site. Setting aside complex marketing strategies and trend analysis, you can also rely on a tried and true crowd pleaser: aesthetic appeal. The fact that pretty things attract people is not a secret among business owners. If you lack the budget to hire industry-leading web design companies, you can always rely on WordPress themes. They provide a cheaper alternative for start-ups that wish to make a name for themselves. These themes allow for an unparalleled degree of creative freedom, as the user can design and customize his colorful website.


cool modern WordPress theme

Staying true to its name, Cool is a WordPress theme that shuns mediocrity, providing a refreshing product that is sure to impress your potential customers. The design is gorgeous, intuitive, and very easy to navigate. Cool refuses to compromise, resulting in a site that is both practical, and aesthetically appealing.

Flexibility is an important trait, given the dynamic nature of our modern, high-tech business market. With this theme, you will be able to access your site from your mobile phone or tablet devices. Gone are the days when you used to be tied down to an office chair. Content and personal updates can be made easily, as you get to carry your work in your pocket. Indeed, Cool’s responsive and versatile nature makes it a businessman’s best friend.

If you wish to experience this product for yourself, be sure to check out the live demo, before making a decision. Of course, regardless of how great it is, your site will be at the mercy of search engines. It is these engines that scour billion of pages in order find yours, and display it for your customers. Thankfully, Cool makes a search engine’s life easier, as it is optimized to increase your chances of getting high rankings.

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divi - most popular WordPress theme

There is a massive variety of WordPress themes, but few can match the quality of Divi. Divi is the product that can forever change your website, and your business. It is very versatile and smart, given that customers can gain access to a limitless number of customization options. Indeed, with Divi, you will be given complete creative control, resulting in a page that accurately represents your vision. Brand recognition depends on your ability to create a stand-out product or service, and market it using an awesome website. The creation and customization process might be daunting when using other themes, but Divi has greatly simplified everything. In fact, you do not need to possess and coding knowledge whatsoever. This is due to the revolutionary Divi builder.

However, running a business is a time-consuming endeavor, and you may not have time to start from scratch. This theme has incorporated 18 eye-catching layouts, available free of charge. In addition, they can also be customized and improved, acting as a foundation for future changes and customization. Divi is entirely responsive, regardless of how you choose to personalize your page. Its elements will be displayed on any device, including smartphones and tablets. This can accommodate a large demographic, and facilitate the growth of your franchise.

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wordx - classic news site

WordX is an aesthetically-pleasing, professional WordPress theme. It is best suited for online publication and blog websites. WordX is capable of leveling the playing field, allowing you to compete with your top-tier competitors. It is ideal for pages that feature regular content updates, and it is capable of showcasing crisp, high definition images. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, be sure to check out the interesting live demo. The product’s layout is designed to adapt to any screen size, regardless of what device is being used. Both mobile and desktop users will be able to follow your site’s activity with ease.

User dropout rates are heavily influenced by the loading speed of the site. As your speed goes down, your view count will follow. Thankfully, WordX has optimized all loading times, offering customers a streamlined experience that will minimize downtime. Of course, you want to showcase your best work in order to impress potential followers. Due to the implementation of the carousel option, users can now display popular articles, while continuing to update their sites. In terms of online revenue, the integration of AdSense makes sure that you are properly compensated for your effort. It does not hinder or diminish the browsing experience of your readers.

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interactive - creative magazine template

In the case of Interactive, the name accurately reflects the theme’s design. If your captivating site has plenty of content, and you want to increase your view count, this product can be your greatest ally. You will be able to personalize every single site element, and provide an eye-catching browsing experience for your loyal readers. For a more practical demonstration of this theme’s amazing features, be sure to check out the free, live demo.

There are multiple home page versions, assuring that no two sites will ever be identical. In terms of aesthetic customization, customers will benefit from a limitless number of color personalization options. Interactive benefits from AdSense Integration, a non-intrusive feature that will maximize the revenue of your site, without interfering with your visitor’s browsing experience.

The off canvas mobile menu is ideal for mobile users, as the amount of screen space is somewhat limited on smaller devices such as tablets and smartphones. It will swoop down from the left side of your screen, and it will disappear when it is not being used. The lightning-fast loading times of Interactive will certainly impress even the most cynical customers. This can lead to better Google rankings, and a large user retention rate.

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x theme most popular theme

X is a truly remarkable theme for WordPress. It can improve even the most mediocre sites, given its wide array of features and stunning design elements. X tries very hard to be accessible, as it has simplified and streamlined all options. This wonderful theme was not made for expert programmers or web developers. It was designed for everyone, regardless of their expertise. It is refreshing to find such a user-friendly experience that caters to a very broad demographic. All changes can be handled in the front-end interface.

X respects your time, and your resources. Although many do not think of it as such, screen space is one of the most important resources for a site that needs to run on smaller mobile screens. This theme has eliminated all page clutter, assuring a smooth experience for both laptop and smartphone users. Content text can be edited quickly, with just a click of a button. X has earned the praise of a vast majority of customers, as people are impressed with its overall quality and attention to detail. Basically, this is a bundle of completely unique designs, presented as a single product. It incorporates many innovative WordPress premium plugins for free, each tailored to work perfectly with X.

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TwoFold is a beautiful and enticing, easy to use and highly intuitive, readily responsive WordPress premium fullscreen photography website theme. TwoFold is a theme built from the ground up with a single priority in mind: expertly handling gorgeous high resolution photography in its entire fullscreen glory. TwoFold has been packaged with a sophisticated set of modern power tools capable of taking care of any demands you may have of your photography website or blog. From expansive customizable Albums in six different styles, each with a plethora of options for you to carefully fine-tune, going over 6 different Gallery layout styles, a whole Light and Dark iteration for every permutation of TwoFold, and three different Blog style layouts for you to choose from, and it’s easy to understand how thorough TwoFold developers have been in providing a creatively free work environment for your photography collections.

Perfectly responsive fullscreen layouts look crystal clear and Retina ready across all devices and browsers, regardless of screen orientation. And with TwoFold Collection pages offering you customizable filtering for you to craft your own picture-perfect, curated selections of your best material classified and filtered by criteria of your own choosing. Talk about the right frame for the right picture!

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Anemos is an easy to use and visually enticing, professionally designed and highly reliable, rapidly responsive WordPress multiuse blogging website theme. Anemos has been developed as a polifacetic solution to a myriad different blog related website applications and their needs and requirements. Anemos has been engineered to be an effective communicator of both visual and textual content, with fine-tuned typographical choices optimized for readability as well as legibility on top of a deft and dexterous HTML5 codebase that can speedily handle the latest formats of multimedia content around the web, in a lightweight, smooth presentation.

A ton of amazing gallery options and multiple customizable post options and styles make Anemos a natural when it comes to servicing the needs of travel blogs, travel journals, travel photoblogs and similar, related enterprises. Anemos has all the plugins, widgets and tools you’ll need to successfully set up modern, visually eloquent websites with all your travel related posts and content in a unique, customized presentation, vía the wonderful Visual Composer by WPBakery, as well as the potent Redux Framework allowing you to further tinkle with every element and component within your Anemos website in a heartbeat. Anemos is the real deal, try it today!

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Mikos is a creative and attractive, stimulating and dynamic, intuitive and comprehensive, highly responsive WordPress one and multipage multipurpose website theme. Mikos is a beautiful framework for the creation of modern, resourceful websites across a range of industries and fields of interest going from the personal and professional to business and corporate applications with utter ease and utmost flexibility. Mikos is packed with incredible demo websites and page templates in a constantly expanding collection that covers multiple niche markets and applications, saving you tons of time and effort in the process of setting up your creative, colorful websites.

Mikos has tons of custom modules and elements you can effortlessly deploy upon any page or post, and then thoroughly visually customize to your heart’s content, with endless color scheme, border and custom typography options to fiddle with through Mikos’ advanced theme settings and visual customization process. Built with SEO in mind, Mikos is a lightweight quick climber of search engine rankings, getting you the traffic and revenue you want in the blink of an eye. Based on Bootstrap, Mikos looks and feels just as polished on mobile and desktop devices the world over. Give Mikos a go today, and see for yourself!

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Vanilla is a beautiful and visually attractive, very simple and easy to use, wonderfully intuitively navigable and highly colorful, vibrant and lively, inherently appealing and engaging, technologically articulate and very well structured, fast-loading and cleverly coded responsive WordPress boxed and colored website theme. Vanilla has been designed as an easy and user friendly all-inclusive website building toolkit for WordPress, capable of empowering webmasters of absolutely any background or skill level to seamlessly and quickly create the most amazing and polished WordPress websites out there on the market today without ever having to write a single line of code.

With Vanilla, visual and graphical customization options abound, and they are all easily accessible from the advanced Theme Options panel or directly when building your pages with the potent Visual Composer page builder plugin. Vanilla is easy to install in a single click, and includes lifelong, dedicated customer support to sort out any issue you may encounter, while the thorough theme documentation will guide you every step of the way as you churn out amazing, lively and colorful websites that users everywhere can delight in. With Vanilla’s virtually infinite color choices, there is no end to the customization of your Vanilla website! Try Vanilla today!

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Colors Creative


Colors Creative is an incredibly attractive and visually clean and unblemished, boldly colorful and very well composed, carefully crafted and professionally designed, highly imaginative and resourceful, visually stimulating and very creatively inclined, functional and responsive WordPress creative portfolio website theme. Colors Creative is an exclusively designed theme that follows an artistic aesthetical philosophy in a strict sense, with color as the main expressive medium through which Colors Creative manages to portray the deepest or most meaningful elements of your website, by deploying a set of painstakingly curated color schemes that have never before been seen on any premium WordPress theme in the market.

Colors Creative is totally new, imaginative and jaw-dropping, and nowhere will you find the uniquely refined, in-house developed schemes and combinations evidenced in Colors Creative. Colors Creative is also very readily customizable, compatible with a wide set of plugins and features from third parties across the board that can expand Colors Creative into the most powerful theme on the planet, for the development inclined. Those who are not so code-savvy will find Colors Creative to be incredibly simple and streamlined, and will be able to quickly hit the ground running with their fantastically colorful and modern websites.

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Burst is an extremely visually sophisticated, brightly colorful and extremely outspoken and expressive, graphically high performing and quite smooth and polished, fast-loading and efficiently coded, resourceful and technologically thorough, modern and impressive, delightful and responsive WordPress bold multipurpose website theme. Burst is a completely unique theme that has been designed in such a way as to ensure that every Burst website stands out from the crowd and gets noticed by your target audience.

Burst makes extremely effective use of a series of advanced graphical, visual and navigational elements to entice and engage users across a wide demographical spectrum, with bold and brazen visual language and expression that is unparalleled across the web. Burst includes a huge slew of functions and features, ranging from custom MegaMenus and Parallax sections to the premium LayerSlider WordPress plugin, the potent Visual Composer Page Builder, Interactive Pie Charts, Parallax Zoom effects, Fullscreen menus, tons of incredible icon hover effects, Icon Sliders, Text Sliders, Video Background sections and so much more it’d make your head spin! Bursting at the seams with functionality, this powerful theme has all that it takes to take your website well into the next century and keep it there. What are you waiting for? Burst into action!

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Kids Life


Kids Life is a capricious and creative, whimsical and fun, user friendly and incredibly intuitive and simplified, streamlined and attractive, brilliantly colorful and bright, engaging and deeply dynamic and interactive, very feature-rich and safe and secure, highly responsive WordPress multipurpose children’s website theme. Kids Life is a powerfully built theme that has been decked out with all the latest and greatest web development technologies in a smooth and functional package, integrating HTML5 elements, a responsive and modular Bootstrap design and amazing CSS3 transitions and animations into an all-inclusive toolkit that can empower webmasters of any skill level to create handsome, effective and popular websites catering specifically to toddlers and children in general.

Expansively designed in luminous colors and with quirky, fun, amusing and delightful visual elements, typographies, fonts and layouts, Kids Life is a truly lively theme that will keep the youngest in the household entirely engaged with a smooth and intuitive navigational experience. 20 gorgeous color schemes have been professionally composed for one click deployment with Kids Life, as well as four completely unique and kid-friendly gallery masks at your fingertips. A Visual Shortcode Generator facilitates adding features and functions to any of Kids Life’s multiple preconfigured pages or new pages and layouts you may develop yourself. Brighten up with Kids Life!

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capri - creative fullscreen theme

A good product is defined by its quality, and its willingness to respect the user’s choices and preference. Thankfully, Capri does both, making it an excellent WordPress theme. In total, there are over 2000 options, resulting in one of the most customizable experiences of the market. Your site will stay true to your vision, and it will attract plenty of new visitors.

If you are not very tech-savvy, you do not have to worry. Capri accommodates everyone, and there is no coding knowledge required. Incredible short codes are offered, in addition to an attractive, modern design. With this impressive theme, the possibilities are truly endless. For more information, be sure to check out the live preview.

However, some business owners do not have time to build their site from scratch, considering the staggering amount of options. Thankfully, the One-Click Importer is able to import fully functional demos, in a matter of moments. This can act as a template for your pages, as it provides a solid foundation for future designs. If your goal is to make money by commercializing your goods and services, you are in luck. Capri has included the amazing WooCommerce plugin, allowing customers to design and maintain personal online shops.

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severn - simple blog theme

Severn is an outstanding WordPress theme that can improve your website. It has the potential to turn any mediocre page into an amazing browsing experience for all followers. Its basic layout is entirely responsive, designed to work well on Tablets, Mobile phones, Notebooks and Desktop Devices.  This theme is very dynamic, promising to adjust to your device’s capabilities.

Severn is capable of supporting different WordPress post formats: status, aside, video, image, audio, quote, gallery. Depending on the content’s niche and subject, you can easily change the post style. The Ecko plugin was included in the download, bringing ten custom widgets and a series of useful short codes that can improve your posts. A menu for editing post short codes was also added.

As a customer, you get to select which layout fits your site. You can easily shift between three, two or single column layouts. The layouts with multiple columns have incorporated sidebars and full support for widgets, along with sticky scroll options. Severn has 2 basic theme variations: Dark and Light. It takes only a single click to shift between these two variables. Demos can be accessed in the live preview. It should also be mentioned that your site will be extremely fast, with a 92 Google Page Speed rating.

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amax - fullscreen business theme

Designed by an elite, respectable author, Amax is an outstanding WordPress theme that is sure to impress customers. It boasts an excellent layout, and its speed will reduce downtime to a minimum. If you wish to learn more about Amax and its capabilities, it is best to experience the live theme preview. In addition, a nifty overview video was included, explaining everything that you need to know. It only last about 4 minutes, so it does not represent a huge time commitment.

With Amax, you are able to alter the colors and fonts of your pages. You may pick between several headers, pages, layouts for titles and more. The page creation procedure has been greatly simplified and streamlined. You can create as many as you wish, and it only takes a few moments for the process to finalize. If starting from scratch does not appeal to you, you have the option to use some demo pages. A prolific visual page builder plugin is included, in addition to some extra elements, and every single one of them is styled.

Amax’s goal is to provide users with the best experience possible. It has received very high Google Page Speed scores, and it looks great on mobile and Retina devices.

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retouch - app landing page theme

If you want a website that is sure to surpass all expectations, you are in luck. ReTouch is a WordPress theme that is capable of transforming any services, landing page, agency, creative, apps or software page, into a modern, fully functional work of art.

Simply access the live preview, in order to experience ReTouch first-hand. The entire product structure is composed out of blocks which can be easily customized.  In terms of aesthetic personalization, this theme has 6 different color styles and several charming patterns. There are some convincing contact and blog pages, designed to increase page traffic and product hype. The Features points are quite impressive, showcasing your product’s best qualities. This can potentially increase your total number of sales, and your profit margin.

Cross-platform compatibility is crucial for those who wish to expand their business, and reach the pinnacle of success. There has never been such a large variety of devices, and thankfully, ReTouch caters to all of them. The product is entirely responsive, and Retina Ready. When you encounter a problem, it is often discouraging to be greeted by a wall of text, or an automated support response. This theme uses real, human support representatives, capable of answering any question.

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voice - colorful magazine theme

Voice is a high-quality WordPress theme that was created in order to enhance magazine and blog websites. It can be used for both personal sites, and online publication pages. However, despite its specialization, its versatility allows Voice to become a multi-purpose theme. Voice has implemented a modern, responsive layout, impressive typography, and an overall focus on readability and user-friendliness. Be sure to check out the theme demo for more information.

A quality web page is useless if nobody can see it. Search engine optimization makes sure that your site has the best chance of getting noticed. SEO-readiness is definitely one of Voice’s best features. In addition, its loading speeds are incredible. This assures that no customers will ever be frustrated by slow website pages.

Considering that online content can be accessed from so many types of devices, compatibility issues may arise. Voice is capable of resizing all site elements, and adapting to the displays of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. This responsiveness can be turned off, if the site admin wishes. The theme options panel is very intuitive and easy to navigate. It will allow you to configure your site in about 5 minutes. No coding or advanced technical knowledge is required.

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rhythm - fullscreen hipster theme

Rhythm is an excellent tool for website creation. It offers over 45 amazing demos, along with a single or multi-page format.  Basically, if you own a portfolio, agency, blog or photography website, this is the WordPress theme can improve your business’s chance of success. For such a complex and modern theme, it is amazing that the installation process only lasts a few minutes. Officially, Rhythm has won several awards, recommendations, and titles. In addition, it is also the Best-selling new theme of May 2015, which is no small achievement during such a busy month.

This product proudly boasts some of the best features and optimizations in the industry. It has a visually-appealing full screen menu with search form. The theme developers actually have a good relationship with their community, considering that they are even taking suggestions for new theme ideas. Website construction is not complicated, as the entire product is designed around the concept of user-friendliness. This can be achieved via the Visual Composer, and the drag-and-drop capabilities.

If you wish to learn more about Rhythm, be sure to watch the video tutorials, given that they are quite informative. For those who prefer a more hand-on experience, a live preview was added.

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alice - creative parallax theme

Alice is a modern, innovative portfolio concept WordPress theme for artists, resourceful freelancers, and agencies. It is designed around simplicity, minimalism, and of course, elegance. It is filled with many options, practical features, and short codes. Overall, Alice can maximize your site’s chances of success. With this theme, business sites will be able to support videos, colors, texts, images, sliders, and so on. They can all be altered or changed via the page builder using only a few clicks.

Alice does its best to simplify the personalization process, making it one of the most user-friendly themes on the market. You will be able to upload and embed your own videos, as well as videos from vimeo or youtube, in the video background section. This will enhance your page’s visual appeal, and add another nifty feature that visitors can explore. There is the option to loop, mute, enable and disable the footage. Mobile users will get to choose their preferred viewing method: either load it in a new window, or display it in a pop-up modal.

If a business wants to appeal to more people as it expands, it is best to consider owning a multi-lingual site. Thankfully, Alice is entirely translatable, capable of displaying your content in multiple languages.

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lora - photography wp theme

If you are a passionate blogger that is dedicated to his craft, be sure to check out Lora. It is a very powerful, modern WordPress theme, yet it maintains a certain minimalist charm that makes it very likable. Most mobile users dread the possibility of resizing issues, as some sites cannot keep up with the large variety of internet devices. Thankfully, those who use Lora can rest easy, given that this product is entirely responsive. Be it desktop computers or smartphones, your content will look amazing on any screen.

However, a technically sound page will still prove boring if it is not properly customized. Aesthetic appeal drives most purchases, and it is a factor that must not be neglected. Thankfully, Lora is very easy to customize, and you can manage every option through the WordPress Customizer. There is a limitless amount of color selection choices, allowing you to craft a personalized experience for your followers.

In addition, there are over 500 Google Fonts, and the amazing premium Revolution Slider plugin ($18), which was added for free. Style Content can incorporate short codes, thanks to the Short Code Generator. Lora offers 4 layouts for your Home page: Static image, Parallax, Carousel Slider, and Revolution Slider.

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butterfly - colorful WooCommerce theme

As colorful and as charming as its namesake insect, this product is definitely worth your time. ButterFly is a streamlined, modern WordPress theme with many interesting features. As a site administrator, it can be hard to manage and upload content while traveling. Thankfully, ButterFly is compatible with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, making it fully responsive. This is great news for site owners and customers, as screen resizing and compatibility issues were eliminated.

This product can be used to commercialize foods, flowers, sweets, sporting goods, gifts, accessories, shoes, or any other items that can brighten someone’s day. There are 4 basic color patterns to choose: Light blue, Orange, Light Green and Violet. It is obvious that this theme does not shy away from a little color. Interested customers have 4 interesting demos to sample.

Anyone can just buy ButterFly, and implement it right away. It does not require any coding knowledge, or advanced web development classes. It is very intuitive and user-friendly. In addition, ButterFly has added a Real Time and Live Customizer. Changes that are made can be applied immediately, in order to receive instant feedback during personalization. The theme also has a carousel feature for product images, and an original product quick view feature.

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zarja colorful feminine blog theme

Zarja is an impressive, flexible WordPress theme for blogs. Your layout can be customized with ease, via the Theme Option section. Zarja gives you complete creative freedom and encourages you to experiment with different configurations. You can maintain variety with your posts, given that there are 7 distinct templates to choose from.

This theme is guaranteed to look amazing on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. In addition, the readability and the quality of the typography are jaw-dropping. Zarja seems to present a minimalist and clean blog layout, free of any page cluttering elements, where the true star of the show is your well-written content. It offers a distinct special grid for individual posts, while the design is refined and impressive. This theme is sure to enhance your web page, and attract many more users to your content.

Although Zarja’s trademark color is a hue of elegant lilac purple, it is important that the customer gets to choose his own palette. With just a simple action, you can apply your preferred color scheme. There is a boxed and full width version of Zarja. It can synchronize with your Instagram feed, and it has many interesting Google Web Fonts. There are CSS3 animations and features, and an expansive, informative Help file.

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