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20+ Clean and Simple WordPress Themes For Portfolio, Fashion and Photography Websites 2016

What is success and how can we achieve it? This seemingly simple question is something that we all ask ourselves. The online medium presents us with untold potential, but to assume that you are the only one that though to take advantage of that potential is wrong. Competition is everywhere, especially in such a platform where entrepreneurs from across the world can participate.

Unlike the real life business field, lack of opportunity is not a serious issue, competition is. If not properly planned out, your online presence risks being drowned out by the multitude of other sites. In our attempt to get noticed, we often overcompensate are delve too deep into the other side of the spectrum, creating pages that are overburdened with features. Sensory overload among participants is an ever present threat, given the short attention span on the online community. The issue is this: in a real world meeting you are at least forced to sit it out, and hear what the other person has to say. In the online environment, a simple click on the red X in the corner of one’s browser is enough to silence any potential retailer.

You have only a few moments to gain, and retain, the customer’s attention. Bombarding them with effects and flashes is not really effective, some even find it discouraging. Everything is limited, your time, the customer’s time, the browser’s size and your funds. You have to make the most out of a finite number of resources. Thankfully, online platforms such as WordPress have risen to this challenge, as it constantly hosts innovative skins for one’s web profile.You should not mistake simplicity for lack of innovation. Elegance is found in the details and true beauty can only go hand in hand with simplicity. There is science behind pain designs, as they attempt to strategically place features, buttons and option in order to maximize your chances. These are all secrets of the advertising industry, and only now have they started to appear in the online environment. Tight, firm, clean and distinguished, these are but a few of the qualities of the skins on our list. That being said, let’s look at some of the best simple WordPress themes:



Kalium is a powerful and uncomplicated, easy to use and highly intuitive, tech-savvy and responsive WordPress creative multipurpose, portfolio and online shop website theme. Kalium is a clean and fresh-faced, minimalist theme, a slender platform that packs a powerful punch in terms of customization capabilities and resourceful technological features, yet presents before you an amazingly simple admin user interface that massively simplifies and streamlines the website design and development process.

Built around the premium Visual Composer page builder plugin, and further endowed by the smooth Revolution Slider and the captivating LayerSlider plugins, achieving a completely professional look and finish on your website is an easy matter with Kalium requiring no coding experience at all. Tons of helpful demo websites for all sorts of purposes are included, from professional or creative portfolio websites for agencies, designers and photographers, to fully functional, readymade online shops for retailers and entrepreneurs to effectively market their wares overnight, there’s always a demo or template page to suite your needs within Kalium. A ton of shortcodes to do all sorts of wonderful things can be dragged and dropped into the fray directly from the Visual Composer, while incredibly theme options put you in full control of your Kalium!

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Merchandiser is a clever and resourceful, easy to use and highly engaging, intuitively structured and rapidly responsive WordPress commercial WooCommerce website theme. Merchandiser is an exclusively designed and professionally developed theme constructed around the needs and requirements of capable marketers, merchandisers and commercial operators at any size and scale. Merchandiser makes short work of all website design and building tasks, simplifying your experience as a webmaster so you can provide a professional quality browsing experience for your visitors and potential customers within minutes, without having to write a single line of code.

Merchandiser comes packaged with both a Live Customizer with instant preview as well as the premium Visual Composer page builder plugin, rendering it a highly intuitive website builder that webmasters seasoned and experienced alike can make use of to furnish their website with all sorts of advanced, customizable elements, from beautiful shopping cart infrastructures to engaging Parallax visual effects and CSS3-powered transitions and animations to show off your products in style. With utter WooCommerce integration, there is hardly a commercial task out there Merchandiser can’t achieve instantly, from collecting payments from numerous sources to selling digital files for download to physical ítems for delivery with unflinching ease. Try Merchandiser now!

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foodica - awesome food blog theme

Foodica is an intuitive, easy to use, flexible and powerful and down to earth WordPress responsive multi purpose theme which performs very well when used for several different kinds of websites, such as blogs, food industry websites, food service websites, suitable for restaurants, caterers, food critics, chefs, personal meal planners, and pretty much anything food related you can think of. Foodica is the foodie’s WordPress theme, made by foodies, for foodies. It will certainly maximize the impact and sensory power of your website, and make your users’ mouths water with every post. Show off your meals in style with Foodica!

Foodica is easy to install and to customize. You can start right away with one of Foodica’s many templates, which can be customized with different color schemes and tons of details and widgets ready to empower your pages with social media features like Twitter feeds, Instagram Scroller Footer, Newsletter widgets áreas in your posts, and many more nifty tools, ready to deploy with a simple drag and drop, zero coding required. Useful shortcodes allow you to make recipes easily with Ingredient and Direction shortcodes that you can easily make use of. Convenience abounds with Foodica. This kitchen’s heat everyone can handle!

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Studio 8


Studio 8 is a simple WordPress theme that is capable of improving your website. It is compatible with WordPress v4.4+, and it boasts an impressive roster of practical features. There is no reason to be intimidated by the installation process, as it can be completed in less than 5 minutes. This allows you to start working immediately. Few themes can ever hope to match Studio 8’s page loading speed, given that it has an A98% page speed grade. This simple product even allows you to construct productive multilingual sites. Appealing to international clients has never been easier.

Those who prefer hand-held devices can rest easy, knowing that they can access your content from their tablets and smartphones. In addition, the theme is compatible with all operating systems and web browsers. Frequent downloadable upgrades can be expected with every purchase, and each upgrade will either resolve errors or implement new features. If you want to learn more about Studio 8 and its features, be sure to access the excellent documentation file. It can turn you into an overnight expert. Content can be altered via some built-in shortcodes, and a child theme is available. Users can also benefit from personalized backgrounds and a full-width slider.

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Soledad is a powerfully tech-savvy and deeply modern, extremely simple and easy to use, well designed and professionally constructed, solid and reliable, safe and secure, intuitive and fast-loading, search engine optimized and incredibly malleable and flexible responsive WordPress multi-concept blog and magazine website theme. Soledad is a potent theme that has been decked out with an ambitious and expansive set of over 250 Home Demo pages, 250 Live Customizer options and over 100 Sliders and Blog combinations possible.

Soledad is thus an endlessly shape-shifting theme that, regardless of your specific blog or magazine website niche application or field of interest, is sure to have a demo website that is simply perfect for you. Emphasis on simply—Soledad is a truly marvelously simplified theme, with a streamlined, polished trim on every element, feature, shortcode and demo website or page included with Soledad, rendering Soledad websites a truly gorgeous sight to behold in every incarnation. Users will find Soledad’s intuitive visual language to be inviting and easy to use, with a corresponding positive effect on conversion rates to your benefit, while Soledad’s continuous updates will keep your website fresh and cutting edge, with a framework that grows as technology evolves itself, owing to its modular design. Keep it simple, with Soledad!

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Alpha is an unimaginably resourceful and incredibly clean and pristine, astoundingly versatile and naturally shape-shifting, powerful coded and technologically avant-garde, streamlined and expressive, bold and brazen while stylistically understated yet enormously customizable, mobile-first and revolutionarily responsive WordPress unique creative portfolio website theme. Alpha is a theme that chooses to walk the road less traveled–while it surely incorporates dozens of headers, footers, professionally designed layouts and purposefully built template pages and demo websites, it forgoes the common aspiration to be the jack of all trades, in exchange for being the true master of one–modern, dashing and effective personal or professional portfolio websites.

Alpha dedicates the world’s most advanced web development tools and frameworks, ranging from HTML5 and CSS3 to AJAX and Bootstrap modular design, exclusively seeking to empower artists, freelancers, photographers, professionals, businesses and firms to craft their private showcase websites for the world at large to enjoy, appreciate and of course, attract some new business. Alpha is the portfolio theme for the uncompromisingly creative souls that know what they want and simply need a set of tools that allows them to craft their dream portfolio websites, without having to write a single line of code, and with endless visual, graphical and behavioral possibilities to fine-tune through the included premium Visual Composer and the real-time graphic customizer tool accessible through your Theme Options. Let loose and show off, with Alpha!

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Morning Time


Morning Time is a theme for WordPress, constructed in order to improve and complement your web page. With the enhancements and features offered, a website is sure to attract more followers and more views. Morning Time is also easy to use, requiring no advanced programming knowledge or technical know-how. It offers a highly intuitive navigation panel, and a helpful support system that can guide you through any issue. In terms of aesthetic customization, there is an infinite color palette to choose from, in addition to a well-designed child theme. Every aspect of your page can be altered so it can fit your vision.

This theme incorporates a vast roster of posts, pages and widget areas for your portfolio. The ultimate goal of any site is to expand its popularity and gain more viewers. In order to achieve these goals, it must include multilingual capabilities. Thankfully, Morning Time is completely translation ready, and it can display site pages in several languages. The theme is based on the versatile Foundation 5, which includes technologies such as Grunt and SASS. Morning time features Revolution Slider compatibility, permitting users to upload and use their personalized site logos. This product is compatible with all devices and browsers.

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The Voux


Few WordPress magazine themes can claim to be as versatile as The Voux. It offers a large number of useful features, each designed to enhance your web page. It includes infinite loading for your articles, making it easier for readers to enjoy their experience. In addition, it is easier to link specific pieces of information, as the URL updates itself while you scroll down the pages.

Useful Mega Menus and user-friendly headers were incorporated as well. Sub-categories, tags and categories, can now be used by site administrators as sources. If you are looking for an awesome platform that can showcase your content, The Voux has you covered! It has amazing Full Screen Galleries, capable of displaying artful images.

Due to the incredible diversity of mobile screen sizes, some sites can experience resizing issues, as pages are scaled down to fit the diminutive displays. This theme eliminates those problems, as it is completely responsive. Your content will look amazing on all devices and platforms, including high resolution Retina Displays. Admins will be able to keep track of site activity while on the move, thanks to this increased adaptability. Your page will benefit from multilingual support, and completely unique Social sharing capabilities.

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luisa - clean minimal portfolio theme

LUISA is a minimalist and well-crafted WordPress theme custom-made for photographer, illustrator or graphic designer who wants to showcase their works online. This theme is very flexible and built based on Bootstrap 3 framework for faster web development process.  The theme package includes one-click demo install that enables developers to build a website without putting forth much effort. This theme is crafted with usability, smooth navigation and functionality in mind. Its minimalistic design offers you infinite design possibilities. This theme is fully responsive and functions slickly on all types of mobile devices.

It comes with a portfolio post type that makes posting your projects or previous works really easy. This theme is equipped with video support, so you can easily attach videos in your blog and boost the user’s engagement in your website. LUISA’s parallax headers and portfolio section adds charm to the look and feel of your portfolio or blog site. It uses AJAX navigation to help your website visitors easily find their way around your website. Its prominent isotope and masonry layout makes your content look more elegant and presentable. LUISA is developed using clean code and best SEO techniques to ensure that your blog will perform well on major search engines.

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Brixton is a WordPress theme that promises to enhance your simplistic blog page. It allows you to express your thoughts in front of an international audience. Brixton’s design is lightweight and charming, with a fully responsive layout that can function on any device. Your content can be accessed from most major browsers. You can respect your readers by not making them wait. This theme’s simple and straightforward interface guarantees fast loading speeds. Few products can generate such a high-quality browsing experience.

Every second, thousands of blogs are being created. Even quality sites can be overwhelmed by so much competition. Thankfully, Brixton is SEO-ready, making it easier for your blog to climb search engine rankings. In terms of visual customization, there is a limitless number of color personalization settings. Feel free to experiment with different palettes, until you find something that perfectly matches your vision.

With Brixton, simplicity does not equal lack of options. There are multiple Google Web Fonts, and specific templates for videos, galleries, audio files, and quotes. Your site will benefit from CSS3 animations, and 7 different post templates. It is possible to use your own favicon icon and logo. For more information, be sure to access the live preview.

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According to studies, people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of death. That is a revealing number, as it indicated the large amount of pressure that is put upon us, and that we put on ourselves. Nowadays, in the age of the internet, public speaking or presentations are usually accompanied by graphical displays or online content. The stressful nature of this activity can be lessened, especially if you know that you can rely on your software and its coding. PILE is a daring and innovative, simple WordPress theme. It is built on one main principle: Maximize your chances of success. It can be used for the presentations of photographers, art directors, creative agencies, illustrators and even typographers.

The developers really wanted to make this experience as user friendly as possible. Due to the drag and drop feature and the Custom Project builder, that goal can be easily achieved. It has an aura of elegance, complexity disguised as simplicity. Eye strain is reduced while the aesthetic experience is enhanced by the implementation of Parallax scrolling, leading your gaze towards the most important sections of the web site. Those that have tried the demo can tell you that a rhythm forms, a un-intrusive pattern of reading and analyzing emerges. This makes it way less tiring than navigating other online profiles or presentations.

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MyBlog is a cunning and very modern, dynamic and attractive, appealing and lightweight, rapidly responsive WordPress personal blog and online magazine website theme. MyBlog is a splendidly designed, easy to use and intuitive solution for webmasters across the board looking for a simple, streamlined yet stylish platform to put together modern, functional blog websites in a matter of minutes, no coding required, and with handsome HTML5-powered multimedia capabilities and advanced features available within a few clicks.

A broad collection of minimal, clean and polished demo websites and templates with a uniquely innovative feel have been included for you to get started on the right foot, while intuitive and powerful advanced theme settings let you customize just about every element of your MyBlog blog website, from fonts and placement of elements to behavior, animations and transitions, pagination and much more. Modern and useful social media platforms have been integrated into MyBlog through resourceful interfaces and customizable buttons, maximizing your reach and exposure and ensuring your message gets spread out as far and wide as viralization can take it. Seamless SEO enhancements at the codebase level make for a well-rounded, balanced and ambitious blogging theme for 2016. Try the MyBlog experience today!

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Zeyn is a versatile and adaptable WordPress theme that can be implemented for both personal portfolios or blogs, and large corporate pages. It does not sacrifice any functionality or performance while attempting to accommodate every conceivable need. For a more detailed description regarding the setup process and the product itself, the developers have added some online documentation material.

There are multiple preset homepage configurations, including Medical, Restaurant, Corporate, Blogger, Real Estate and Travel Service. The Landing pages also present a large degree of variety, with specific examples for applications, startups, events, and product launch events. With Zeyn, you hold the reins of your own success, as you are able to customize every single detail of your website. From colors to headers and fonts, Zeyn has you covered.

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For most users, having a sprawling site is simply unnecessary and cumbersome. Fashion Blog is a WordPress theme that understands the need for simplicity and harmony. It guarantees that your site will be as powerful as any corporate page, yet it will maintain a charming and compact layout that is ideal for navigation. Fashion Blog can increase your odds of success, given that it is optimized for search engines. Without SEO-readiness, even the best blogs will be destined for failure. The layout of this theme is responsive towards mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, your content can be showcased on any web browser.

Site owners are spared from having to start from scratch, given the inclusion of well-made demo content. In a matter of minutes, you can generate a fully-functional blog. Further customization is always possible, as you tinker with various settings and features.  No advanced coding knowledge is required. You can even turn your simple blog into a lucrative source of revenue. Fashion Blog has special areas for Advertisements, an Affiliate Metabox, and a special front page which can showcase banners. For users who want to sample Fashion Blog without having to commit to a purchase, a live preview was made available.

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Adios is a remarkably versatile and visually eloquent and expressive, charming and easy to use, highly responsive WordPress multipurpose portfolio website theme. Adios has been gifted with a competent set of powerhouse tools, premium plugins, page templates and impressive custom widgets designed to allow webmasters with or without any previous development experience to quickly design and create their own custom portfolio websites in a variety of styles and presentations without having to write a single line of code.

Adios is perfect for professionals, creative individuals, artists of all kinds and all people with a similar necessity to showcase the fruit of their labor for the world at large in a splendidly polished modern website. Adios comes packaged with both the Live Customizer and the amazing premium Visual Composer page builder, which work in conjunction to offer you a full set of visual and layout customization choices through an entirely visual drag and drop interface, as well as 9 unique homepage template demos and a number of additional template pages for multiple specific purposes, such as gorgeous Galleries and highly resourceful Portfolio pages with a plethora of settings to fine-tune. Making a solid portfolio website has never been this fast or simple! Try Adios today!

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TheMotion is an engaging and visually stimulating, dynamic and easy to use, tech-savvy and highly responsive WordPress video blogging website theme. TheMotion has been created as a platform for webmasters with or without previous development experience, empowering them to craft creative, eloquent websites that can effectively provide an attractive space for their content to reach a massive online audience. Sleek and polished, TheMotion features an extensively optimized codebase honed for lightweight, fast loading pages that perform well under all traffic usage cases. SEO enhancements make TheMotion a quick climber of search engine rankings, netting you more traffic and more ad revenue overnight.

Easy to set up, TheMotion can be ready to go live within a minute of the one click installation process, while the Live Customizer and the Advanced Theme Settings allow you to fine-tune your end-user’s navigational experience to match your precise expectations. Powered by the latest HTML5 technology, TheMotion is extremely multimedia-savvy and can handle posts with all kinds of modern formats. A modular Bootstrap design makes TheMotion entirely mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible right out of the box. Social media channels can be readily integrated into your TheMotion blog, attracting an even larger audience. Try TheMotion today!

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Simple & Elegant

Simple & Elegant is an aptly named, functionally dexterous, flexible and nimble, fast-loading and very well coded, thought out and graciously designed, aesthetically clean and simplified, easy to use and very navigable and inviting, engaging and highly focused responsive WordPress simple multipurpose theme. Simple & Elegant is the result of a sincerely minimalist approach to website design and construction, with austerity, intuitiveness and elegance as its deepest aesthetical values. As such, Simple & Elegant is an excellent theme to deploy on all sorts of websites of any purpose, field or industry, anywhere where simplicity and accessibility are key design concerns, or where audiences are expected or desired to be so diversified that user interface must be as simple as possible, while retaining complete modern functionality as well as a beautiful, elegant sheen.

Simple & Elegant is perfect for corporate, business and commercial websites, where impressing your customers and clients is crucial to success, but overly complicated or saturated interfaces are sure to cost you some business. With Simple & Elegant, you are guaranteed powerful and technologically savvy website, featuring widgets like Slider Revolution, MailChimp and Instagram, Contact Form 7 support, gorgeous and professional Gallery, Video and Audio Portfolios, and much more. Keep it simple!

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angle - minimal and clean blog theme

Angle is a powerful, fresh faced, technologically accomplished and visually impeccable WordPress responsive multi purpose theme, easily deployed through a number of different websites of all sorts of nature for great effect, though uniquely suited for the development of clean cut, simple websites that avoid seeming daunting to newcomers, yet remain professional looking and businesslike. Angle is a theme for those who have something to say and want their message to be heard, untainted and pure.

Angle is easy and intuitive to use, regardless of your skill level. Not a single line of coding is needed to produce Angle’s gorgeous, interactive homepages, chock-full of features, widgets and tools to enhance the user navigational experience without detracting from the overall simplified feel of your website. Angle’s Dynamic Homepage Builder lets you craft seamless homepages with plenty of nifty custom widgets to interact and engage your audience, keeping them coming back for more. Beautiful custom page headers allow you to use your own unique Featured Images for every single page or post, making your website a more immersive experience. Blogs, galleries and portfolio page templates are included for you to expand your website as you see fit. Start viewing the Internet from a different Angle today!

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GraceUnderPressure is a WordPress theme that facilitates the creation of simple websites. When it comes to web development, beauty and simplicity often go hand in hand. Both the site owner and the reader will be able to appreciate this product’s streamlined layout. For hand-held devices, the interface will automatically adjust to smaller screen sizes. This completely eliminates resizing issues, resulting in an excellent browsing experience. With simple touch screen swipe gestures, the navigation menu can be brought up. This menu reduces screen clutter and further accommodates tablet and smart phone users.

Screenplay formats were included, and you can display entire screenplays or small snippets. By accessing the Google Directory section, users will benefit from multiple typography settings. In addition, the theme customizer allows you to preview any change, before it is implemented. Simplicity and user-friendliness are the pillars of GraceUnderPressure’s design.

Regardless of your technical knowledge, you will get to hold the reins of your site. The theme is available in high resolution, and it is completely widget-ready. Cross browser compatibility was added, along with a well-written documentation source.  The WPML multilingual plugin is included, allowing you to appeal to an international audience. Be sure to check out the live preview, if you want to learn more about this simple WordPress theme.

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Himmelen is a simple WordPress theme for website owners with good taste. This product shuns needless complexity and cumbersome site elements, in favor of a minimalist design that perfectly complements your content.  It is fully responsive and compatible with most major web browsers. Regardless of your device’s screen size, you will not experience any resizing errors. The layout is constructed with Bootstrap 3 and it is entirely Retina-ready.

Power and simplicity are the pillars of Himmelen’s design. In addition, the site owner is able to control every option, and tweak all settings. This is made possible by the Advanced Himmelen Control Panel. The intuitive nature of this panel assures that everyone can successfully administer their web page.  No HTML or CSS3 expertise is required.  After the theme is purchased, customers can expect a series of free updates. Your site will never be out of date.

Simple pages are always faster, given their minimalist design. Elegant and swift, Himmelen has reduced loading times, guaranteeing a pleasant browsing experience for all readers. Also, site visitors can directly access your highest rated posts via the Popular Posts block on your home page.  For those who prefer a more hands-on demonstration of this theme’s capabilities, a live preview was included.

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iBusiness is a simple WordPress theme for those who want to design incredible web pages. This product is simply stunning, managing to perfectly balance power and aesthetic appeal.  Business is about efficiency, and your streamlined site layout will reflect that quality. By simplifying the installation and customization process, iBusiness treats you with respect by not wasting your time. In just a few moments, you can have a fully-functional site.  In addition, your changes can be saved and stored on your hard drive. This allows you to interrupt your work at any moment, and continue where you left off. This is made possible by the Templatic QuickEdit feature.

iBusiness can adapt to any function, as it is capable of enhancing electrician, plumber, hair dresser, beauty salon, real estate, travel agent, lawyer and health care provider sites. Regardless of your niche, this simple theme can be your greatest ally. Also, you can easily setup an outstanding portfolio in order to impress potential employers.  Due to the online customizer, users can personalize their site before they even purchase iBusiness. It is possible to modify layouts, color, text and font settings.  Site elements were split into blocks, making them easier to organize. There is no need to edit CSS in order to modify the page font, thanks to the Typography drop-down menu.

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Unlike most themes that are featured on this list, Hoxa features a larger degree of adaptability and variety. It is not restricted to blogs and portfolios, as it can fulfill a wide array of tasks. It should be mentioned that the developers have implemented an HTML version of Hoxa.

Speaking of developers, Hoxa’s staff is very implicated in every aspect of their product’s distribution. Their support team is well trained, polite, and highly interested in solving every conceivable issue. Just create a ticket if a problem arises, and wait for a swift response from Hoxa’s best employees. As far as versatility goes, Hoxa tries to accommodate many niches, with its present page settings. There is the opportunity to create many websites, so be sure to try out their demos in order to assess their capabilities. There you will find pages for creative sites, corporate pages, business, landing page, one page and portfolio. It offers you a well rounded, adaptable experience, without compromising on quality or specific details.

Users seem enthralled by the outstanding service and attention to the little things. Many of them claim that they will subscribe, and actively follow the developer’s future releases. You know that your product is good when it wins people over, and convinces them to buy other products. Currently is has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating, and a price of $48.

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angle - creative wordpress business theme

Angle WordPress theme is a beautiful theme that will surely catch the interest of your target audience. This theme is designed based on Bootstrap 3 technology, an advanced and flexible framework that makes front-end web development child’s play. This theme is fully responsive and crafted using retina display ready icons and graphic elements. Angle provide users numerous color swatch combination, nice Google Fonts and TypeKit support for infinite font options, built-in Font Awesome Icons and oodles of flat icons. Styling and branding this theme is very simple and straightforward because PSD files are included in the theme package.

Angle theme comes with Quick Uploader that lets you upload several portfolio items, slideshows, testimonial photos and other appealing contents that could improve user engagement in your website. Angle WordPress theme is includes WP Bakery Visual Composer that you can utilize for crafting any page layouts for your site. It also includes custom post types for your business website’s content such as staff, services and client testimonials. It supports Revolution Slider and Layer Slider plugin to help you create eye-catching and informative sliders for your website. Angle WordPress theme also comes with striking social icons and twitter widgets that could encourage site visitors to share and promote your website on different social networking sites.

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All of the review in the world cannot match the perspective gained through personal experience. If you wish to test out Kabuto and see what it is capable, you may access their live preview in order to see what you are dealing with.

Minimalist by design, Kabuto is a theme that uses simplicity to its advantage. The code if very well implemented, and the developers were careful to make Kabuto very accessible. You do not need to have a computer programming diploma in order to get started. In addition to the intuitive design, Kabuto also offers client a manual, that explains every step in detail. Simple themes by definition shun complex animations or effects, so the process of customization won’t be that hard to begin with.

It is really obvious that they wanted to aid you in every conceivable way. If for some reason you are still lost, go ahead and contact their customer support system. Well trained professional eagerly await your input.

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Gone are the days when journals would be written in lock-sealed books. In today’s modern environment we are able to share our through with anyone that is willing to listen. This wider readership also implies a larger requirement for quality. Bloggers come in all shapes and size, and the content of the sites varies widely. If you are developing a theme for such a niche, you must make sure that your product can meet all of these needs.

Appliqué can fit any device, regardless if it’s mobile or desktop. This full responsiveness perk, greatly increases your view count, because people can browse your content in any situation. The retina-ready display guarantees a pristine viewing experience, even from SmartPhones. The images are sharp, and have great resolutions. The admin panel is very user friendly, guiding you though your option in an intuitive manner. It’s quite easy to find what you are looking for. This theme also takes full advantage of the Google Fonts features, an option that offers customers over 600 free impressive fonts. It is up to you to choose what set of fonts is best for your content, depending o what you want it to say.

The color palette is basically endless, if you can dream it, you can implement it. As is the case with all the other features, editing your color scheme is very easy. However, these features are useless if nobody gets to see your web page. People use search engines to find content, so if the search engine can’t find you, it would have all been a wasted effort. Thankfully, Appliqué is optimized for search engines, maximizing your chances to get noticed.

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barkingdog - simple wordpress portfolio

BarkingDog is a clean cut, minimalistic WordPress theme ideally suited for creative portfolios and creative agencies of all sorts. Websites featuring image-heavy content needing to showcase their products will benefit greatly from BarkingDog’s gorgeous visual aesthetic, simplistic interface and optimized user browsing experience.

Packing powerful tools that enable HTML5 animations, customizable hover effects, parallax dynamic scrolling and much more, BarkingDog will make browsing through your catalogue a thrilling, interactive experience. A flexible Visual Composer allows you to customize your website to fit your heart’s desire,  with multiple portfolio pages, home pages, different headers and titles available for combination into endless new forms to make your website uniquely stand out from the pack. Multicolumn support allows for layouts of up to five columns, with a powerful customizable menu and a modern, responsive design that adapts your content to your viewer’s device’s screen and aspect ratio, so that no potential customer is left outside the umbrella of your reach.

BarkingDog includes a flurry of fonts and limitless colors for branding your website as much as possible, along with social media integration to seamlessly attract the flux of eyeballs streaming steadily out of the social media sites. Beautiful preloader animations make your website look and feel modern and youthful. Personalized layouts are readily stored by Visual Composer for redeployment at a later date. BarkingDog is a theme you won’t regret trying—this one doesn’t bite.

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imbt - simple blog theme

IMBT, or Internet Marketing Blog theme, is an amazing WordPress product that can improve your website. It focuses on practicality and accessibility, featuring a pleasant minimalist design. You can build your own page from scratch in a matter of moments. Although it is modern and highly advanced, the layout is quite intuitive. Even non-programmers can use this theme, as it does not require any specialized knowledge. Highly functional, IMBT can work on any device, regardless of the size of its screen. This is great news for mobile users, because many sites can experience resizing problems. Every aspect of this theme can be customized or altered, as clients are given the freedom to design a site that matches their vision.

There are 5 blog page variations, along with 8 different styles for blog articles. Thanks to the One-Click Demo Install feature, you can implement IMBT with a minimal amount of effort. The Customizer panel is highly intuitive and easy to navigate, and the theme is WPML ready. This results in a multilingual page that can accommodate more customers. Page creation requires only a few clicks to complete. In addition, you can either start from scratch or use the demo data as a scaffold for your future site.

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 The Breaking News


As far as names go, this one if pretty suggestive. Simple and clean, it never fails in getting the job done. It can, and will be used for a plethora of pages, but it best suits those that display media and news content. Blogs or bulletins, The Breaking News – Responsive WordPress Theme has you covered. Topography is very important when 99% of your content is in writing. Eye strain can be a major deterrent of user retention. This theme actively combats that unfortunate reality by carefully choosing its topography and minimizing one’s ocular stress while reading.

This comes in handy when accessing your content from mobile screens, which further minimize the writing. Speaking of mobiles, The Breaking News is fully compatible with all devices, regardless of their manufacturer or configuration. If you are very confident regarding an article’s quality, you may display it in the editor’s choice category. The structure of the entire theme is modeled after its real life publication counterparts. It is currently in its 2.0 version, and it has sold over 200 copies. With a price of $58, it definitely must provide quality in order to justify all of those purchases.

In its latest content patch, a trending section was added, along with speed improvements, gallery post format slideshows, and an image grid layout. Post widgets for Custom Homepage Posts were also a well-received addition.

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Although it is just a generalization, artistic types are notorious for their extreme focus on the subject matter. A true artist hates when he must shift his attention from his creation, in order to handle the tedious task of daily life. If you are anxiously awaiting the moment whey you get to post your writings, but hate the difficulty of having to set up your page, Literatum is the WordPress theme for you! The theme’s motto is “Just Write”, making it clear that it is the programmer’s intention to facilitate your creative process. Let the reader hang on your every word, and enjoy the well designed, streamlined display.

Due to the nature of the online medium, it can be very hard to retain the reader’s attention through conventional methods. As your content expands and your posts get longer, it will get increasingly difficult to sort through it all. When getting to what they want will become a hassle, you will definitely start losing readers. Literatum acknowledges this problem and provides a good solution. It has included a dynamic navigation feature from Ajax, accelerating the experience.

Although it is not an earth-shattering feature, the ability to add your own custom avatar is definitely a pleasant addition. Images can be associated for every category on your page, to make the layout more intuitive and easy to understand. Posts can even have video covers, if you think that images lack a dynamic edge.

Other features include a read timer feature, Interview support, combined CSS, third party comments and plenty of nifty icons.

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infashion - clean fashion blog theme

The fashion industry is not known for ignoring details. If you decide to start a blog that deals with fashion, you will need a web site theme that can stand up to scrutiny. inFashion is one of the best WordPress themes in its niche, never failing to impress all those who purchase it. Although it is a relative newcomer, the community seems pleased with inFashion. The theme features also facilitate a great deal of flexibility. This product is supposed to be used on fashion web pages. inFashion includes some very extensive documentation, containing reliable and accurate information. There is an impressive number of features that comes with this theme, including: typography options, unlimited colors, contact forms, custom widgets, versatile theme options and a Instagram feed.

After you finish customizing inFashion, you can rest easy knowing that your site will easily resize and adjust itself to all screen sizes. Of course, a fashion site must feature a ton of photography. However, if the slider is too cumbersome or slow, the entire experience will be ruined. Thankfully, the inFashion theme slider is excellent, and you even have the option to feature most important blog posts.

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Sold over 200 times at a price of $43, there is definitely interest growing for this sleek WordPress theme. It follows the trend of elegant themes that we have grown accustomed to. If you are an undiscovered artist, an ambitious freelancer or a digital agency, Beuh can fulfill your needs with ease. It is designed and build on the reliable Twitter Bootstrap Framework.

From the moment that you decide to purchase, you will gain access to 3 basic page layouts. Do not be alarmed, this will not rob you of your choices, because almost every single aspect can be modified or edited. The icons are provided by Fontawesome, a reliable developer. The design is responsive and it has the ability to adapt to any screen, on any device. This does broaden your audience size, as your content can be viewed in almost any situation.

Beuh also has Youtube, Slider and Video backgrounds, with a custom homepage layout that allows you to drag ore remove individual sections. Although there are plenty of English speaking audiences, the translation ready feature makes it accessible to even more people. Overall, this is a solid product that more than justifies is cost.

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As you have probably guessed, this theme focuses on the travel industry. Using it, you are able to construct an awesome travel blog for your escapades, or an impressive display for your traveling agency’s website. It works hand in hand with Google maps, resulting in a beautiful and interactive site.

It’s easy to see why so many people are excited for this type of online theme. It lets you customize your page through the page builder and plan out incredible voyages by using the Trip Creator. Another nifty feature is the Auto skin changer, which automatically adapts the text color for the page background. It should also be mentioned that it is compatible with Woocommerce, the principal choice of any respectable online commerce site. It lets you sell your product or service, in a controlled, safe environment. Filled with features and potential, you will find that Voyager is a travelers best friend.

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