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20 Top WordPress Newspaper Themes Themes To Build Responsive News Websites 2016

Who says that traditional media is dead? As is the case with any traditional technology, newspapers have transcended and evolved past their humble origins. Some people see this as a bad thing, as relocating to the internet somehow diminishes the effectiveness and validity of the medium. However, that is objectively wrong. By posting any type of publication online, you are shattering barriers and making it easier for people to read what you and your team wrote. The middleman is cut out, and the content can be delivered directly to your followers. Every limitation that you can possibly think of was removed by the introduction of the internet.

This increased exposure is not a guarantee of success, because you risk losing the user’s attention if you do not manage to keep your content interesting and engaging. At this point, the expression “to each his own” applies. Depending on your personality, and what your viewers want to see, you must create a general direction in which your content must go. Be it objective news, political commentary, or simple entertainment or gossip, your work must be displayed in a professional yet aesthetically pleasing manner. A good WordPress theme is similar to a picture frame. It somehow enhances the overall value without drawing attention from the centerpiece, your content. That being said let’s take a look at some excellent WordPress newspaper themes:



Newsmag is a sophisticated and fantastic looking WordPress theme that allows you to easily write and publish articles and blog posts. This template is one of the most wanted news themes on Themeforest. It’s strong points are flexibility, performance, elegant design, retina ready layouts, unique demos, integrated translations, intelligent ads system, and all these come with no need for coding skills. I believe this theme is excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review sites.

The Newsmag theme has a unique design and while testing it I noticed that it looks great with any type of content due to its compact design. The small width content area is a great advantage when it’s doubled by high performance. In our tests we found that the theme is performing well and gets a good score on Google Pagespeed Test. Newsmag is also optimized to work with WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. On Google Structured Data Testing Tools we received a green light on all parameters, this mean that SEO is a matter addressed in the most serious manner by TagDiv team.

Newsmag is Google AdSense ready and supports responsive and mobile friendly ads. The ads automatically resize for each device, we just added the adsense code, saved the settings and the theme did the rest.We tried some of the content improvement tools like the custom made gallery, smartlist, video playlist and text format settings options and the results were amazing.

The theme is easy to use although it has so many options. I would have enjoyed it even more if Newsmag would provide more features for WooCommerce such as custom product templates or a live cart, but the theme is actually built for news websites and my personal desired features regarding the WooCommerce area may be a bit off topic. I’m sure the author, who is one of the most popular on themeforest.org, will bring further enhancements in this section in the it’s future updates.

I think this is a must have news theme for everyone who want to build a great website with no effort and no coding skills.

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Thanks to the internet, a more direct and honest relationship was formed between the consumer, and the media provider. GoodLife is an exemplary WordPress theme for news sites, and it promises to simplify the web development process. Readers with busy schedules will prefer to get their news while on the move, so you need a page that works perfectly with mobile screens. Thankfully, GoodLife is fully-responsive and cross-browser compatible. You can rest easy knowing that compatibility errors were eliminated. This theme is versatile, and it can adapt to any niche. Regardless of your needs, GoodLife has your back. In addition, there are multiple pre-designed theme demos which can be imported almost instantly.

The articles will be the heart of your newspaper website. However, readers will appreciate the fact that you can incorporate gorgeous galleries and video pages.  GoodLife offers 3 main header styles, and a limitless number of sidebars. Page construction has been greatly simplified, and even can child will be able to design a popular website. The Visual Composer plugin uses Drag and Drop Technology, turning an otherwise complicated process into a pleasurable experience. For users who prefer a more hands-on approach, a live theme preview was made available.

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The Voux

the voux - fashion blogging theme

If you are looking for a versatile magazine WordPress theme, look no further than The Voux. It offers infinite loading for news articles, and readers will get to enjoy a streamlined experience. The browser URL will update itself based on what page is being viewed, making it easier to link articles.

This theme incorporates user-friendly headers and powerful Mega Menus. Admins can use sub-categories, tags and categories as sources. You can display content with gorgeous Full Screen galleries. This feature will properly showcase your artful posts. With The Voux, mobile users can easily access your site. The layout is completely responsive, and it works great on tablets, laptops, smart phones and desktop computers.

You have to make sure that your page will be unique, distinguishing itself from its competition. Thankfully, the Visual Composer allows you to style and personalize each element. A solid marketing plan will always seek to harness the massive potential of social Networks.  This product is a ThemeForest pioneer, when it comes to Social Sharing capabilities. Site admins can use the Theme options in order to determine the Network on which data will be shared, along with the allotted cache period. The Voux also has WPML multilingual plugin support.

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Soledad is an innovative WordPress theme that promises to enhance every aspect of your newspaper website.  It has many practical features, and a design that is sure to impress every reader. Tablet and smartphone users can rejoice, as Soledad is fully responsive towards all devices, web browsers, and operating system. You will never have to worry about compatibility errors. This is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market, because it insists on offering quality and variety. There are many customization options that allow you to craft an exemplary newspaper site.

There are 6 header variations, 5 article layouts, and 7 Slider variations. An amazing gallery will host your gorgeous photos, making it easier to showcase artful content.  In total, there are more than 100 slider and layout combinations. This high degree of customization can be achieved even by novice users, given that Soledad does not required programming knowledge. The theme is very accessible and easy to install. For those who want to sell their merchandise, the wonderful WooCommerce plugin was added. It facilitates the creation of professional online shops. It should also be mentioned that Soledad has 6 personalized sidebars for every page and post.

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The Fox


The Fox is a clever and innovative, sophisticated and classy, visually stimulating and dynamically structured, readily responsive WordPress contemporary magazine for creators website theme. The Fox is an incredibly useful and versatile theme constructed by a team of creative designers and meticulous developers exclusively for the purpose of providing a platform for creators to effectively put together modern online magazines in a matter of minutes, without having to touch a line of code, and with professional, polished results every single time.

That is why The Fox has been equipped with the impressively flexible WordPress Live Customizer, with custom additional elements and options for a total of over 100 configurable choices that define every nook and cranny of your online magazine, ensuring any branding or corporate identity requirements are easily met. The Fox is also jam-packed with specifically useful features for the online magazine industry, including helpful widgets and cleverly designed shortcodes and tools, such as the Intelligent Related Posts System, which can readily organize dynamic listings of related posts based on live tags and various algotithms, or social media friendly tools like the Facebook Like box, Latest Tweets feed and much more. The Fox is everything you need to get your online magazine off the ground. Try it now!

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Newsmag PRO


Newsmag PRO is a potent and impressive, resourceful and flexible, visually stimulating and highly responsive WordPress premium multipurpose magazine website theme. Newsmag PRO has been crafted as a reliable framework for the seamless development of competent, creative modern magazine websites across a range of markets and niches without having to write a single line of code and with professional quality results. Newsmag PRO includes a clever assortment of top of the line tools, widgets, plugins and shortcodes that make building your very own online magazine website an easy, breezy matter, taking you but a few easy steps to produce a fully customized magazine website with your choice of colors, fonts, custom logos and more.

Newsmag PRO also includes amazing, smoothly animated image or content sliders and carousels custom-crafted from dynamically defined AJAX powered filtered categories. Based on a cutting edge Bootstrap modular design, Newsmag PRO is inherently cross-compatible with browsers, devices and platforms the world over as well as completely mobile-friendly to boot, expanding your reader base to everyone on the internet today. Built in SEO improvements make Newsmag PRO a top search engine performer, guaranteeing increased traffic and revenue. Give Newsmag PRO a go today, and see for yourself!

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Compass is a potently pliable, fresh faced, bold and beautiful WordPress responsive multi purpose theme, which while entirely capable of handling the needs and requirements of an ample range of different websites, is uniquely well suited for the design and construction of news and magazine related websites, online magazines, webzines and similar projects. If your aim is to distribute a large amount of visual and information heavy content to an even larger amount of users across a multitude of devices, browsers and platforms, Compass is the theme you’re looking for, ready to adapt itself to every situation and responsively displaying in gorgeous form no matter where it’s being viewed. Figure out where you want to go, and Compass will take you there, and do all the heavy lifting!

Endlessly customizable with the ZOOM Framework, Dynamic Homepage Builder and Live Customizer, Compass will allow you to create magazine websites like none other, completely branded to your image and superpowered by the Jetpack plugin’s incredible added functionalities, including gorgeous Tiled Galleries, Related Posts features, full tag and category systems for seamless post sorting and effortless user navigation, extensive SEO to drive content home and maximize your exposure, it seems the one thing Compass can’t do is let you lose your way.

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AlYoum is a sophisticated and very flexible, modern and reliable, safe and secure, professionally developed and very efficiently coded, visually stunning and imaginative, malleable and adaptable, tech-savvy and intuitively customizable responsive WordPress blog and magazine theme. AlYoum is a theme that, while strong and pliable enough to easily meet the demands of a whole host of different website archetypes, has been specifically and purposefully built for the design and maintenance of the most amazing, attractive and appealing online magazines, professional or personal blogs and all related websites, where getting your message out there is what matters.

AlYoum is endlessly technologically powerful, featuring the simple and streamlined Awesome Builder and over 40 Widgets and Shortcodes you can easily manage through AlYoum’s Shortcode Generator, considerably speeding your workflow and easing the website building process a great deal. Over 17 possible Page Layouts will dazzle your viewers with untold amounts of creativity and originality, and 8 unique Homepage templates will let you hit the ground running with modern and interactive websites readymade for your convenience, just waiting for you to add your content and go. AlYoum is compatible with bbPress, WooCommerce, BuddyPress and WPML, so the possibilities are endless for your online magazine or blog!

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Portus is akin to a digital Swiss Army Knife. This innovative WordPress theme has a tool for all occasions, and it can be used for any market niche. Both personal and business websites can benefit from this incredible product. While the reader is scrolling, a stunning Parallax effect can be noticed.  This enhances any user’s browser’s experience, as it adds another layer of depth to your pages. Of course, Portus realizes that in the age of social media, you cannot afford to neglect the potential of these gigantic networks. Twitter summary Cards and Facebook post previews are available for all clients.

The page header will be fixed, and it will always stay on top. Iconized Category rows were implemented, along with a limitless number of color variations. Article typography can be enhanced, thanks to more than 660 Google WebFonts. These numerous options enable users to craft something that accurately represents their vision. On average, multiple-language sites outperform their single-language counterparts. Thankfully, Portus has included the WPML plugin, which makes it easier to translate your website. The theme has an Off-Canvas Mobile Menu which automatically goes away when it is not being used. This feature makes better use of the limited screen space of mobile devices.

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INFRA is a beautiful and appealing, engaging and attractive, modern and noteworthy, memorable and attention-grabbing, vibrant and colorful, polished and professional, serious and well structured, resourceful and tech-savvy responsive WordPress newspaper and magazine theme. INFRA is a cleverly coded theme that has been decked out with ample strength and raw pliability that empower it to effortlessly handle sophisticated websites across a broad range of archetypes and applications. INFRA is peculiarly well suited, however, for deployment on newspaper websites specifically.

INFRA has all the tools required to create modern and dynamic newspaper websites, from customizable homepages through the Orange-Themes drag and drop builder to Mega Menus with Trending Articles functionality, Sticky Sidebars, Custom Post Sidebars for each post or page, Custom Background, and over seven different Featured Image styles, INFRA is sure to make your news shine and to catch everyone’s eyes with its innovative and creative layouts and clean and pristine presentation. INFRA has a powerful Bootstrap-based modular row and column Grid System, perfect for constructing your newspaper layout exactly the way you want and with as many sidebars or drop-down secondary menus as you wish, on top of being readily ad revenue system-friendly out of the box. Let the world know what is going on, with INFRA!

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Onfleek is a stylish and fashionable, feature rich and multimedia friendly, modern and tech-savvy, highly responsive WordPress AMP magazine website theme. Onfleek is a modern, creative solution for webmasters reaching out to young, highly mobile userbases and audiences wherein issues such as pageload speeds, data consumption and mobile search engine ranking play crucial roles in overall website performance indicators. Through AMP technology, Onfleek assures utmost efficiency, minimized data usage and top mobile search placement as outlined by Google’s AMP tech. The premium Visual Composer and Slider Revolution have been integrated into Onfleek to facilitate the layout and page edition process through simplified drag and drop interfaces, while essential magazine shortcodes and features such as hardware-powered Parallax visual effects and custom pagination styles are easily accessible and highly intuitive. With Onfleek, social media presence is at the helm at all times, with handsome, Retina-ready, sharp custom icons and feeds to maximize your exposure. Multiple AMP enhanced gallery options are available to present the latest trending celebrity news and gossip in a tangible, memorable presentation that is highly legible while also enveloping and engaging. Onfleek is the perfect platform for the creative celebrity fashion writer of today. Are you ready to bring your website to the new era?

The premium Visual Composer and Slider Revolution have been integrated into Onfleek to facilitate the layout and page edition process through simplified drag and drop interfaces, while essential magazine shortcodes and features such as hardware-powered Parallax visual effects and custom pagination styles are easily accessible and highly intuitive. With Onfleek, social media presence is at the helm at all times, with handsome, Retina-ready, sharp custom icons and feeds to maximize your exposure. Multiple AMP enhanced gallery options are available to present the latest trending celebrity news and gossip in a tangible, memorable presentation that is highly legible while also enveloping and engaging. Onfleek is the perfect platform for the creative celebrity fashion writer of today. Are you ready to bring your website to the new era?

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Interactive is a brand-new, simple-looking WordPress theme with a heck of a lot going on under the hood. Built around a down to earth design philosophy, Interactive’s layouts and formatting keep it simple by shining the spotlight on your content, your media, your comments, and your users. A theme that enables a webmaster to build a high quality website in a matter of minutes, completely pre-equipped for handling the protocols of connectivity that are a requisite of the new millennium.

Prepared to handle, out of the box, three column layouts, Google’s AdSense integration, comments, feeds, content sharing and much more, Interactive builds a platform for you and your users to showcase your message, whatever that may be, in the most favorable light the 21st century can afford to offer; the stark contrasts of color and the soft edges of its highly readable fonts, Interactive Is built for mass content, and mass consumption.

Adapted to the mobile reign as well, Interactive features a classy off-canvas mobile menu that allows users to quickly navigate your website while disposing of the menu the second it outlives its usefulness, offering a seamless navigational experience in all handheld devices. Interactive is a theme for a new generation, that simply has too much to say, and too many people willing to listen!

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WordX is the ultimate WordPress theme for webmasters of online magazines, editorial blogs and similar enterprises. WordX is an extremely customizable theme. Its literally infinite color palette allows you to tune your scheme until it is picture perfect, as does its advanced typographic blending tools and translation-ready interface for easy international readership acquisition. But this flexibility merely scratches at the surface of WordX’s impressive capabilities.

Sleek and mutable, like the culture it is built for, WordX is compatible with all devices and screens imaginable. It features an automatic rearrangement of content for optimized visibility and interactivity on mobile, tablet, netbook, notebook, laptop or desktop access. Optimized for legibility, readers of your WordX website are sure not to miss a beat in the content you provide for them, as WordX ensures it is easy on the eyes. All this, coupled with outstanding responsiveness, lightning fast loading times, stunning visuals centered around your own content, and a Carousel feature to highlight your best work, WordX is a theme for all communicational purposes.

SEO integration and optimization, included, guarantees your website will ascend the ranks of search engine motors very quickly and effortlessly. And when you factor in WordX’s innate AdSense integration, things start monetizing very quickly as well!

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master - unique magazine style theme

Master is an awesome WordPress theme that can enhance and complement your website. It incorporates many flexible features, allowing it to fit almost any role. It is also user-friendly, intuitive, and designed with WordPress standards. Master aims to maximize convenience for its customers. From start to finish, the installation process can be finalized in just a few minutes. Master offers several layout options, each implemented in order to increase diversity and functionality. There are 3 sliders, 2 header options, 5 layouts for your blogs, 2 article layouts, 5 blocks for categories, and 9 templates for your home page.

For users who are short on time, some gorgeous theme demos were implemented. This pre-made content is fully functional as soon as it is installed, sparing you from having to start from scratch. Even in modern times, some websites still experience mobile compatibility errors. Master has successfully eliminated these problems, and it can be accessed from any device, browser, or operating system. Basically, as long as it can connect to the web, it can also browse your content. This product supports “right to left writing” for languages such as Hebrew or Japanese, as it seeks to accommodate a broad spectrum of users.

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Domino is a deeply functional and very attractive, resourceful and nimble, intuitive and user friendly, easy to navigate and very well structured, efficiently coded and fast loading, thoroughly documented and notoriously flexible responsive WordPress news and magazine theme. Domino is a powerful and pliable theme that can easily lend itself to service a whole slew of diverse website archetypes, from personal blogs to professional portfolios and much more, but that has been specifically designed for the needs of news and magazine websites—that is, to massively disseminate information to a huge online audience in a legible and appealing presentation—which is why Domino is the perfect theme for newspaper websites.

With its ample visual capabilities that support tons of diverse layouts, your content will really grab eyefuls of attention through a number of different visual hierarchies and styles that you can modify to your liking with ease, using the Dynamic Homepage Builder, the Visual Customizer and the potent and advanced Theme Options Panel, making Domino websites capable of emulating the feeling of a conventional newspaper, but with the glossy appeal of modern technology at your fingertips. Domino is natively responsive, so you can deliver the morning edition to users on their phones and tablets without skipping a beat.

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NewsPaper is a smooth and responsive WordPress theme ideal for content-rich sites. Its user-friendly interface lets you hover over an option to see a screenshot and click to see a demo. Its mega menu gives oodles of options to create the site how you want it. It’s ideal for info-tainment sites with regular blogs in many categories illustrated with sumptuous graphics. Its smart design is optimized for speed, AdSense and Search Engine Optimization.

Social Media integration is built in to keep your pages connected. NewsPaper is packed with usable features like an author box for your contributors, a brands section, multiple post layouts and a popular categories section. For a competitively priced one-click download you get 24/7 support, updates, unlimited domain usage and video tutorials.

NewsPaper has an easy translation feature if you want to branch out internationally. It is adaptable with tons of colors, fonts and stylish backgrounds. There is a demo you can watch which shows you what can be done with it. Plenty of customization options make it personal while retaining a professional feel. The tabbed home page layout gives it smooth and usable navigation.

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Quadrum is a deeply creative and profoundly attractive, very colorful and bright, handsome and attention-grabbing, wonderfully well structured and very intuitively navigable, graphically seamless and smooth, professionally composed and developed, lightweight and fast-loading, clever and responsive WordPress news and magazine multipurpose website theme. Quadrum is an incredibly resourceful WordPress theme, a wholly inclusive one-stop shop solution for all your magazine and news website building needs.

Quadrum has been deliberately designed as the ultimate theme for creating the most appealing websites for presenting sophisticated, high resolution multimedia content alongside with textual content under the most favorable possible spotlight, ensuring readability and legibility throughout as well as capturing the eyes of readers across the globe, with clean and pristine layouts and template pages coordinated across a host of amazing demo websites, ready for you to pick your favorite and import them with a single click. Customizing the visual branding and identity of your Quadrum website is an intuitive, streamlined process, negotiated by the Visual Composer plugin, while features like the LayerSlider 5 are there to make sure your content and images are always presented in dynamic ways and reducing the tediousness of lengthier works with nifty, customizable little shortcodes and widgets all readily at your disposal. Quadrum is the ultimate magazine website theme–try it now!

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Its name is suggestive, and it is not a hyperbole. It loads almost instantly, so the people that choose to read your publication will not be bothered by long loading times. Speaking of loading times, they are one of the primary causes of user dropout, and eliminating them in one of Best’s greatest features. Unlike other themes, where optimization for advertising seems like an afterthought, this theme is coded in order to maximize both your view count, and your advertisement revenue.

Certain fluidity characterizes the overall design of this theme, while it benefits from full customization options. It is also optimized for search engines, making it easier for your site to show up if the associated keywords are typed. User feedback is also important, and the developers have built in a review system allowing for constant improvement.

If you are having trouble installing, they have included some explanation videos that are narrated, facilitating the process.

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If you want to increase your online footprint, and generate revenue in the process, SociallyViral is the best option for you. The most important facility of a good theme is its functionality. E it pretty or functional, your overall design must run seamlessly. No delays, no pause loading, and no compatibility issues are the hallmark of a great product. Thankfully, this theme passes all tests with flying colors, and even surpasses common expectations.

It can install a mega menu feature, it includes an engaging design, and the popular posts are selected by taking into account their overall number of views. Other features include an enticing newsletter, widget form and compatibility with multiple platforms. Every single one of its features is tailored towards one goal: to boost your page’s viral traffic. Viral is a term that describes a meteoric rise, a widespread proliferation akin to that of a virus. It is optimized for search engines, meaning that users will have an easy time searching for, and finding your page.

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NewsTimes - gossip theme

If you are looking for a professional theme that convinces your viewers of the quality of your content, look no further than NewsTimes. The theme is fully responsive, meaning that it can be viewed and displayed on any device. It has video post formats, and a review system was included, in order to receive constructive criticism from the community. On the technical side of things, everything on this page was optimized for search engines, and it is ready for HTML5 and CSS3.

Take full advantage of the versatile and expansive options panel and explore all of the customization features. It should also be mentioned that Dummy data was added. Achieving higher ranking with this theme will be very easy indeed. A demo was added, so you can check out the innovative features before making a decision.

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For a measly $35, you can get your hands on one of the best WordPress themes in existence. Custom tailored to make you climb the ranking charts, it promises that your online footprint will be akin to that of a giant’s. It is HTML5 and CSS3 ready, and it included a couple of distinct single post layouts that are sure to impress. Unlimited sidebars are available along with some enticing homepage sections with drag and drop characteristics.

A shift in design is easy to pull off, and the user can seamlessly change the design from a minimal, dark scheme to a broader and brighter one. It is rare to find a theme that never compromises, and manages to balance both functionality, performance, and outstanding aesthetic design. The framework is quick and secure, a personal review system was added, and the entire theme is SEO ready.

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Urban Mag

urbanmag - classic magazine template

Urban Mag is a top quality WordPress theme that goes great with personal blog, magazine, news editorial, and newspaper websites. It has a large amount of useful options, and it is tailored for any kind of publication web page. It is compatible with WooCommerce, allowing customers to create their own online store. You can increase your bottom line by commercializing goods and services, thanks to this innovative plugin. Urban Mag features an intuitive Mega Menu, along with a nifty Post List. A layout builder was added for your site’s home page, and you can modify the layout for every category. With only a single click, the GoodLayers importer plugin can import demo data for your pages.

The administration panel is very accessible and easy to use. You may alter the header layout, upload custom site backgrounds, and toggle between full and boxed layouts. In terms of aesthetic customization, the color palette can be modified at any time. There is no limit to what can be achieved by using this theme. With Urban Mag, your web pages will be entirely responsive, guaranteeing that no site visitor will be plagued by resizing issues. You can translate every line of content, resulting in a multilingual page that is sure to attract many people. Extensive online documentation was made available, for those who wish to learn more about this product. In addition, there is a live preview and some interesting screenshots.

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goliath simple magazine theme

As online publications are growing more popular, WordPress themes like Goliath can be a steadfast ally to those who wish to create quality content. It is highly efficient and it works great on desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. Its diverse set of features allows it to meet the needs of any website. Due to the inclusion of awesome summary tools, a built-in rating option and an enhanced review display system, Goliath is perfectly suited for review pages. In addition, this theme incorporates the innovative Visual Composer, and the Revolution Slider. Both are known world-wide as some of the best plugins on WordPress. Those who choose to buy this product will receive $90 of extra value.

If you are having trouble during the installation process, you can always watch the informative tutorial videos. They will explain everything in detail. This theme is filled with options and features, each designed to maximize your chances of success. For example, there are personalized image banners, a Planetshine mega menu, and a sidebar with various positioning options.

Goliath does not treat you like a child, as it hands you the reins to your own web page. The administration panel is very powerful, yet it remains accessible and user friendly. Every detail can be altered or tweaked in order to suit your taste. You can even translate posts, pages, and menus, making your content available to more people. As your site’s popularity grows, merchandising should be a top priority. The integration of the WooCommerce plugin allows users to setup personal online stores. The active particle Parallax background adds a new dimension to your page, offering to dazzle users with impressive effects. If you wish to showcase content in an attractive manner, Photo galleries are available.

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Good News

good news - clean magazine theme

Good News is a new and fresh niche blog theme that could also function as a magazine theme. This theme provides a fluid and well-crafted layout design that efficiently displays written content along with few images. Good News is a multi niche blog theme and also works as a magazine theme. It is ideal to display written content with a few images like a news site or a niche website might. Its sturdy framework is built based on CSS Framework for guaranteed usability and flexibility. This theme is retina display ready and resizes slickly on any kinds of devices to give visitors a pleasant viewing experience. Its built-in admin panel enables you to change the color scheme of your theme, personalize the background image or smarten the header. Good News is bundled with Visual Composer plugin, a comprehensible drag and drop page builder that lets you create impressive pages in an instant. On the other hand, the Slider Revolution plugin makes it possible for you to create responsive slides with effects and animations for your theme. This beautiful theme allows you to add 3D looking parallax backgrounds to every section of your magazine site. Good News theme comes with multi-level push menu from left to right and mega menu with news thumbnails and headlines. This theme is fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin to help you amplify your sales and make selling products trouble-free. It also supports BuddyPress plugin to make your website even more interactive and encourage people to come back to your website.

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Who says that the news has to be boring? Well with Multinews, it doesn’t have to. If one were to personalize it, this theme seems eager to help you out. After all, your content is not going to promote itself. It is optimized for performance, as it tries to increase ad revenue, while not compromising or overshadowing your content. Although it may be used for a multitude of purposes, it is best suited for news sites, magazines and even blogs.

The WooCommerce plugin creates a safe environment for online transactions, so your users will not have to worry about anything. Other plugins include Contact Form 7, Ad Rotate, bbPress and MailPoet Newsletters. The developers can also add retina ready on their list of accomplishments, and high resolution, crisp icons and animations can be displayed with ease.

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No written review can ever hope to fully translate an experience, so if you want to experience this WordPress newspaper theme for yourself, be sure to download it or view their demo. Basically, it acts both as an artistic background for your content, and as a starter kit for anyone that is capable of starting their own online magazine, newspaper, review site or blog.

This theme is retina ready, it is optimized for ads and search engines, and it can attract a large number of followers. All of your content will generate crisp images on high definition screens, while its responsive design guarantees that any device can interact with your page without lag or compatibility issues.

The administration panel is quite easy to use, and it lets you customize every aspect of your page. Overall, this theme is well worth your time, and it has the potential to skyrocket your site to the heights of success.

More info / Download



This theme cuts out the middleman, and lets you interact directly with your core audience. It is both clean and functional, ready for the challenges of the online press medium. It has an unlimited color palette, allowing the user to customize the page in any way imaginable. In fact, the only limiting factor here is your imagination. Whatever you can think of, you can design.

The sidebar can be featured in both the right and the left part of the screen, while the site incorporates some ad banner spaces. This eliminates that intrusive feeling that most advertisements have, especially when dealing with virtual content. It can communicate with your social media account, resulting in a cross platform quality experience that nobody is soon to forget.

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Sometimes, a product emerges that simply changes the entire game. Once you try out this theme, you can’t return to a lesser one, spoiled by the quality and outstanding features that MightyMag offers. The list of features is too long to cover here, but rest assured that whatever need you may have, this theme is more than capable of handling it with ease.

Woocommerce was also included, facilitating and encouraging online transactions by providing a dependable environment. It is also optimized for search engines, so people will not have any trouble finding you online.

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Ever wish that you could have access to an awesome WordPress theme that seamlessly integrates both HTML5, CSS3, GRUNT programing and search engine optimization? Well, if your answer was yes, I introduce you to NewsCore. It is highly responsive, making your content more accessible.

People can access your page and read the news during their downtime, thanks to all of the mobile integration features. NewsCore is also Widget ready, it has multiple Home Layouts, Megamenu navigation, and WordPress 3.9 and higher, compatibility. Woocommerce support was also added, aiding the merchandising process.

More info / Download


unpress - fashion & beauty magazine

Trying to appeal to a young and hip audience is one of the riskiest things that you can do in marketing. If you fail, a permanent “Lame” stamp will be on your records, and to be honest, nobody wants that. However, this theme has the potential to do that, with its minimalist and elegant design. It seems cool without trying, high performance without adopting an unnecessarily flashy design. It has over 600 Google Fonts, it is unbelievably responsive, in includes slider revolution, a wishlist, and the famous Woocommerce plugin.

A page composer has also been added, along with an excellent support system and 3 beneficial sliders. Your content will always be the centerpiece, this theme just frames and envelopes it in the best skin possible. Take advantage of the page builder and the limitless color schemes in order to customize it further.

More info / Download

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