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5 Reasons To Convert Your Loft

When it comes to loft conversion, (that is, the home improvement where people take loft-space and convert the unused loft space into a usable space that can be used as a normal room), there are different reasons why people may wish to consider undertaking a loft conversion on their home.

Making a change like this is no small activity, it will likely take weeks and perhaps months to successfully and safely convert a loft, you will also need the services of a quality building company, one that is reliable, and one with a good portfolio.

1/ It increases the value of your home significantly – There have been increases to the value of a property by as much as 20% as a result of a loft conversion, usual ranges are anything from 7% – 18% increase in a properties value, (on a £200,000 property that could be an increase in value of up to £40,000).

2/ It increases the usable space on your property by up to 30% – You can increase the room on your home by a fair proportion by having your loft converted, the additional space can be used for any purpose be it a bedroom, a bedroom with an en suite or an office space.

3/ Loft conversions often look impressive – Once completed conversions can look superb with the general design and layout being not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally helpful (some people are even choosing to live in loft space areas on larger properties).

4/ New inhabitants? – A loft conversion can provide a valuable space for new inhabitants of a property to lodge in for a period of time, be it a family member, a paid lodger or a friend, a loft can be a comfortable space for people to live in on a temporary basis.

5/ Rental opportunities – With additional space on a property it is possible (if you are owner of that property) to rent out that space to a potential short term inhabitant, this can provide additional income for the owner, many people are also looking into flat conversion (the conversion of a house to usable habitable apartments for people to live in).

There are a multitude of reasons why an owner of a property would want to convert a loft financial, aesthetic and functional reasons that would make it attractive enough to take on a project of this level.

In the UK alone there are 100s of 1000s of people searching online for matters relating to loft conversion, be it pricing, “how to convert a loft”, questions around availability of quality builders etc, this is a market that is in a boom and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that this will continue to be the case.

Important Tip: Make sure that you search for a company that can deliver high quality work when it comes to loft conversions as they are statistically one of the most common home improvement projects that can go wrong, it is worth bearing this in mind when considering pricing and quality.

Another Tip: Make sure to ask the loft conversion company you plan to work with about their portfolio, they should be able to provide you with a portfolio that displays some impressive work, make sure to check on previous works to see if this is the case.

Final Tip: Make sure that any company you work with observes all required building regulations and health and safety measures, this is very important for obvious reasons but also the legalities around building and materials used.

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