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How To Ensure You Claim Your PPI Before The Deadline

If you are reading this article the likelihood is you fit into one of three categories

Category 1: You have not yet claimed your PPI and you are worried that you may miss out on the deadline (don’t worry later in the article we will tell you when the deadline is)

Category 2: You have not yet claimed your PPI and you are wondering if you have ppi (don’t worry we have information here to help you too)

Category 3: You have not yet claimed PPI and you are clueless as to what PPI is and if it applies to you or not (yes we will address matters from your standpoint as well)

Firstly Category 1: In case you are wondering when the deadline is as of right now the deadline is not currently set in stone however the FCA wants to make the PPI deadline June 2019 meaning that any and all claims submitted after that point are likely to be void and not accepted, so all people that are worried about this impending deadline have until the end of May 2019 to get their claim in.

Next, Category 2: If you have not yet claimed your ppi, and you are wondering if you have ppi at all, first have a think in the last 20 years have you taken out a loan, credit card, or a mortgage and purchased a product alongside this form of credit known as accident and sickness cover? Or Income Protection? Or Payment protection? Or another name similar to this? If so this is likely to have been PPI and you may be able to make a claim.

If you wish to make a claim for PPI you have two primary options, either:

A) Pursue A PPI Claim Yourself


B) Use A PPI Claims Company Like this one for example

If you use a ppi claims management company they will be able to check on your behalf if you have been miss sold payment protection insurance and they’ll also (more than likely) be able to work with you to make your claim for compensation. If you need a great type of insurance, then make sure you check out these great Motor Trade Trends so you can see how you won´t have to worry so much about selling your car.

For Category 3 individuals reading this article you have some factors to consider:

1) Have you taken out a loan, mortgage or credit card in the past 20 years?
2) Have you taken out a “payment protection policy” “Payment cover” Or “Accident & Sickness Payment Insurance” or a product with a similar name?
3) Do you have the paperwork to be able to verify if this is the case or not
4) If you don’t have the paperwork, can you remember the name of the company you took out finance with so you can write to them to verify whether or not you had payment protection insurance attached to any financial arrangements.

As with above if you prefer the convenience of working with a claims management company that is another option that is open to you, and they will more than likely check to see if you have a ppi claim on a no win no fee basis (this means you only pay the fee if you win a successful claim).

With all of the above taken into account, now is not the time to worry, all ppi claimants have until June 2019 to submit their claims for miss sold payment protection insurance.

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