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inGallery Review: Create Stunning Instagram Gallery

Instagram! The word needs no introduction. After Facebook, it is surely one of the coolest things, that has taken the concept of social networking by storm. It has not only changed the way you socialize with people but has also revolutionized the entire idea of story-telling (a fascinating art forms of human history).

Instagram’s contribution to this beautiful form of art definitely needs compliments and applauses. It has very convincingly transformed, what we could only imagine from the stories we hear, to something more visual and realistic, letting us see exactly what is being told.

Instagram which was started in October 2010, completed 6th year recently. And in all these years it has built up a dedicated community of active users who constantly keep capturing and sharing beautiful moments of their lives through images and videos, the beauty of which can be further enhanced by its stunning filtering options.

Of course, the response is super quick. And marketers have promptly reacted to this and used it as an effective means to convert thousands of Instagram addicts to loyal customers. They were smart enough to read the signs how image based content on social media can impact people and boost their business by converting them to leads.

So why don’t you try doing that too?

I am here today with a product that will help you do it in no time. It’s called the inGallery.



Instagram gallery with inGallery Overview

inGallery is a very thoughtfully devised plugin, that can help you display your Instagram gallery on your WordPress site in the most captivating way. With this plugin, you can create highly customizable galleries in your website and make a fanciful display of all or some of  your Instagram media. You can choose whichever image or video you want to share with your visitors and keep the remaining as private.

You also have the option to categorize them under different folders that you will be able to create. The folders in your gallery that contain your images and videos can have different sources of displaying the media files. And what that is going to depend absolutely on you- a hashtag, an image curl or something else.

The neat codes used to design the plugin has made it one of the most user-friendly plugins that you can ever set your hands on. It works brilliantly with any WordPress theme and is compatible with the latest WordPress versions available. You can easily run it on all modern browsers and across gadgets of different sizes. This retina-ready plugin will look equally stunning on all  platforms, whether it is a desktop, a mobile device, a tablet,an iPhone or anything else.

The plugin is packed with so many modern features that your site will, without any doubt remain at par with any other site that can stand as a competitor. And for all this, you do not need to code even a single line. Whether you are a novice or an advanced user you can easily implement it without any trouble.

Now let’s have a broader look at what it has to offer and how it works.


The inGallery plugin comes jam-packed with tons of brilliant features that will help you create the most appealing Instagram Gallery on your WordPress site. From a having robust visual builder, creating your albums, controlling your privacy and much more you have so many possibilities to explore. In the following section, I will discuss each of these features in detail.

So let’s move ahead.

Visual Builder and Albums

The plugin has been integrated with an amazing and intuitive Visual Builder. You can use this to create the most stunning gallery and load it up with beautiful images and videos from your Instagram albums. Your visitors will be awestruck with the gallery that will be created with it. It’s so responsive that your files are bound to look good in any gadget that it is viewed upon.

Once the gallery is created you may want to categorize your media files into folders naming them differently to mark their nature. inGallery makes that possible too. You can create an unlimited number of albums and introduce them to your visitors and followers in a special way.


Display Style and Customization

inGallery offers you a range of possibilities to make your galleries appear fascinating to your viewers. It offers you with 2 layouts and  5 built-in preview styles for your images. You can choose the number of  rows and columns in which you want your images to be displayed.

To look through the gallery you have the option of infinite scrolling. So now your visitors do not have to click on the Load More button or Net Image button and wait for the next image to appear. They can just scroll through the gallery and the image will be automatically pulled into the view.

The unlimited color scheme option makes it possible for you to complement the color of your site’s gallery to match up with the site style. You can also add smooth animated transition to enhance the user experience.


There are 5 premade styles already included in the plugin


Media Sources and Privacy

When you add an image or a video to your gallery, you have the option of choosing what the source of your file is going to be. The options are many. You can unleash your gallery by displaying your content by a hashtag, a URL, Instagram user and so on. This does not mean that you have to limit the source of your images to one source only. You can have an unlimited number of such sources.

The best thing about inGallery is that it gives you all the options to limit your audience from the posts you do not really want to share. So you can use the 2 types of filter (filter of except sources and a filter of show only sources) to control the settings of the visibility of your images.

If you think that you want to share only your videos with your audience and keep your photos private, you can do that too. The reverse is also possible. You can also limit your album items and display only the best Instagram media items to impress your website visitors.

With all these options inGallery ensures that your posts and images are secured by allowing you to decide which posts you would want to share and which to keep private.

Image Support type

The images you share will be displayed to your audience in the form of thumbnails. So all your images in these thumbnails will be shown in a square shape. However, when a viewer will click on the image for a preview it will open in the original ration that it is uploaded with.

Popup Lightboxes

inGallery supports popup light boxes. These are customizable popup boxes in which you can choose what you want to display. It can be either a video, an image or all the data related to the image or the particular video.



The best thing about this plugin is that it is powered by Ajax. Your viewers will not have to leave your site by getting restless due to its slow loading speed. They will not have to wait for an entire page to get loaded to view more images. Ajax will keep loading more images without loading the entire page.

Responsive and Compatibility

inGallery is a thoroughly responsive plugin that stands out in all sorts of gadget screen. Whether it is a mobile device, an iPad, a tablet or a desktop it looks absolutely stunning. It is also compatible with all modern day browsers. Not just this. If you want to use the plugin in a site that has to be localized in any other language other than the globally accepted one, you can do that too. It supports WPML very easily.

inGallery has been designed to support many other significant plugins too. One of them is the WooCommerce plugin. It works beautifully on any site that uses the WooCommerce plugin to sell off its products and services.


This plugin guarantees great support in any technical issue that you might be facing. You can also get in touch with them in case you need to fix bugs or anything that includes third party issues. They are available 24*7 to answer your queries related to the features of the item.


inGallery is available for a regular license at $19. This includes all future updates and a free support of 6 months from Maxiolab. You can extend the support to a period of 12 months by paying an extra amount of a mere $5.

So you can get all that the plugin has to offer at such an affordable price. I don’t think that’s too much. Don’t you think?


Instagram has surely driven social media addicts with a new craze. But its potential as a marketing platform is also phenomenal. This is obviously because of the impact images can have on a visitor’s mind. A good image has all the potential to transform a visitor to a loyal customer. inGallery can help marketers exactly with that. This is especially true in the case of photographers, designers, and other creative minds.

So try out this awesome product now and achieve new heights in the business world.

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inGallery Review: Create Stunning Instagram Gallery

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