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Singles youth retreats: 4 ways to recharge your love life

To be certain, age can be a very minor factor in dating and love. That said, today’s youth have a few distinct challenges.

Dating under 30

It is just that, with singles’ youth retreats, the focus can be on the issues and struggles that are more common among the younger singles.

These may include struggles in university, with one’s sexuality, with first loves and others. Discussions may delve into finding direction in one’s life or knowing what one wants to do in the future. Also, retreats may specialize in singles with particular needs such as STD specific dating

There are specific issues in a young single person’s life that can be addressed in singles’ youth retreats.

Planning Ahead

Apart from the usual young issues, singles’ youth retreats will also delve on budding spirituality. In a way, these retreats are venues where the younger singles are prepared for what’s ahead of them.

The world can drastically change when one enters full adulthood. It can get confusing and life altering. With singles’ youth retreats, professionals can attempt to guide young people as they step out into the world.

Here, they can imbue spiritual values and goodness, despite what people normally find in the outside world.

At the same time, given the youth of the participants, singles’ youth retreats can also be great venues for fun activities with one’s peers.

Sports and group games are often held. This may include football, softball, obstacle courses and more.

Likewise, if the venue permits, there may even be hikes, bike trips, kayaking and other nature-oriented activities.

Getting the youth involved in these activities can have a powerful effect on them, such that they appreciate nature and see their oneness with the rest of the world.


Not convinced? Here are 4 reasons try a singles retreat:


  1. Escape: The retreat can be an escape from everyday hustle and bustle. With setting usually in a out-of-town hideaway, a singles retreat can be the perfect way to recoup from the pressures at work or at home.
  1. Spiritual renewal: There are some retreats that have special spiritual focus, and these can be the best venue for individuals to renew spiritually. Staying true to one’s beliefs can be hard amidst hurried everyday living. The singles retreat takes things slowly and allows a person some introspect moments.
  1. Friendship search: It can be hard to find like-minded people in melting pot cities, busy offices, and crowded social venues. A singles retreat puts you in a place where you are with people like you. Being singles, you just might have the same struggles and issues as some of the people in the retreat. At the same time, the venue has the right ambience and just the right pace to develop deep meaningful friendships.
  1. Partner search: A singles retreat is not a dating retreat, of course. That is a common misconception – likening the name to singles bars, and the like. In the singles retreat, however, you may find yourself starting meaningful friendships/ relationships with the other attendees, given that you may share similar experiences and beliefs.




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