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Top 20 Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes To Help With SEO And Website Usability On Mobile 2016

Just a few decades ago, the idea of a communication device that did not use cords was considered almost impossible. It literally appeared in some of the period’s science fiction programs. However, for millennials, mobile phones are a staple of their daily lives. In fact, we even took it a step further.

Although they are called phones, each of these devices is more powerful than the last decade’s computers. Regardless of your preferred brand and operating system, your pocket now holds a versatile console that acts as a music player, computer, video player, gaming device, and so on. With such a broad functionality, it’s no wonder that people from the current generation are famous for always being bent over their phone screens.

Mobile phones and tablets are not restricted to talking and entertainment purposes only. In fact, it allows common citizens to start and broadcast entire social revolutions, record their most memorable moments, and gain instant access to information. Going to the store has become an optional, recreational activity, given that you can now order anything online.

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As a website owner, you can’t afford to neglect the potential of this new medium. Platforms like WordPress are constantly developing new and innovative themes that are also fully mobile-responsive. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress mobile friendly themes:



Uncode is a continuously updated, technologically deft and articulate, highly social media friendly, thoroughly powerful, amazingly dynamic and engaging, interactive and superbly flexible, creative and sleek, smooth and polished, mobile friendly and extremely responsive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose website theme. Uncode is an extremely modern theme that has been built for speed and light weight, with sophisticated HTML5 and CSS3 powering a series of custom, in-house developed Bootstrap based shortcodes.

It features an enhanced Visual Composer with Uncode’s exclusive add-ons, full WPML compatibility out of the box, WooCommerce integration and amazing premium sliders, handsomely deployed across a whole host of conceptually unique demo websites, page templates and professionally designed layouts, created specifically to be the most responsive visual environment on the market today. Uncode is an ideal theme for mobile friendly websites and applications. Webmasters looking for a quick and potent solution to their mobile friendly website building needs will find a friend in Uncode, and find themselves set up with incredibly responsive websites with amazing features like off-canvas mobile menus and touch and swipe friendly elements in a flash. Building a clever and sleek modern mobile friendly website has never been as easy as it is with Uncode. Go mobile, go Uncode!

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Kalium is an impressive WordPress theme that can foster creativity. This product is modern, versatile and it has more than 1600 happy customers. With numbers like that, it must be doing something right. Upon purchase, users can expect Kalium to receive content updates, assuring that your site will always keep up with the latest technological trends. SoundCloud and VK Icons, Content Dividers, New Default Fonts, Widgets for Blog Posts and Pricing tables, are all new features that were recently implemented.

Of course, your website will be entirely mobile responsive. Every single feature and page element will look amazing on the screens of tablets and mobile phones. This can potentially increase your view count and your bottom line. A successful site must do its best to accommodate users from all demographics. With the introduction of .po and .mo files, your well-written content can be displayed in any language. In addition, every feature on your page will have its own short code. For more information regarding this product, you can read the extensive theme documentation source. Should you prefer a more hands-on experience, a live preview was added. It should be mentioned that the innovative Layer Slider Plugin was included, allowing users to design amazing content sliders and galleries. These will feature some beautiful, jaw-dropping effects.

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X Theme


WordPress themes like X have fully embraced hand-held devices, and they allow users to craft mobile-friendly sites. Your pages will seamlessly adapt to any screen size, web browser, or operating system. Compatibility errors were entirely eliminated. This mobile-friendly design can benefit both site owners and customers. It is possible to update and organize content, while on the move. As long as you have access to an internet connection, you can work from anywhere. Most of the time, tablets and smartphones are used to browse social media sites. Thankfully, your website has integrated social buttons, allowing followers to share and distribute your content on these networks. This can increase your popularity by exposing you to a wider audience.

X offers several gorgeous icon fonts. Just like the rest of the layout, these icon fonts will automatically adapt to all screens. There are two sets, with a total of 400 icons. Those who are browsing their phones are more likely to spend money via online purchase. Thankfully, X features the premium WooCommerce plugin, which can facilitate the creation of professional online shops. Selling your items has never been easier! If you want to sample X, feel free to check out its live preview.

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Soledad is a tech-savvy and efficiently coded, well structured and modularly designed, cutting edge and deeply resourceful, clever and nimble, quick on its feet and highly adaptive, pliable and malleable, colorful and vibrant, ambitious and expansive, vast and responsive WordPress multi-concept blog and magazine website theme. Soledad is a uniquely flexible and all-encompassing theme. Equipped out of the box with over 250 different Home Demo websites, over 250 in-house built Live Customizer options and over 100 slider and blog combinations available.

Soledad is a true feat of both design and engineering, with an attractive, intuitive user interface that can take a wealth of different forms with minimal fiddling through a completely user-friendly admin interface, while a host of powerful technologies support its plentiful, resourceful shortcodes that will impress and amaze your audience and surprise you with continuously updated features and customization options. Soledad has been developed on a Bootstrap framework, making it both modularly designed and natively responsive across all devices, browsers, platforms, screen sizes, orientations or resolutions. That makes Soledad the perfectly mobile friendly blog and magazine theme, along with its several touch and swipe friendly features and demos. Meet the mobile market on their terms without excluding anyone else, with Soledad!

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If your goal is to create an amazing website, Divi can be your greatest ally. This is a modern, adaptable WordPress theme that never ceases to amaze. If you are not easily convinced by written reviews, be sure to check out the live preview that can be found on the theme’s website. Not contempt with the status quo, Divi has further pushed the boundaries of what is possible. For example, every element that is present on your screen will be organized into individual blocks. This makes it easy for people to keep track of what is being displayed, given that everything was reduced to these bite-sized components.

Visual customization has also been streamlined, as it only requires a rearrangement of some blocks. Divi completely eliminates the need for programming knowledge, as anyone can design a successful page. Not focused on a particular niche, this theme’s massive roster of features allows it to fit any purpose, and adapt to any site. Of course, your content can be viewed from tablets, laptops, smartphones, or any other device that has a screen and an internet connection. You are only limited by what you can imagine. Although there are some pre-made theme demos, there is nothing stopping you from constructing your page from scratch.

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In today’s modern marketplace, blogging has become a force to be reckoned with. Even major publications cannot afford to overlook this trend, implementing their own blog sections. If your goal is to create an impressive, high-quality blog, this is the theme for you. Indeed, Blogging is a WordPress product that never ceases to amaze. Due to its versatile roster of features, it can accommodate the needs of both independent and company bloggers.

When it comes to writing, the content is only part of the equation. This theme also focuses on presentation, resulting in a higher view count for your site. The layout is unique, intuitive, and addictive. Due to the implementation of personalized widgets, CSS3 and HTML 5 markups, installation and customization have been greatly simplified.

Given that people mostly read online content during their downtime, mobile-compatibility is very important. Thankfully, Blogging is entirely responsive, capable of showcasing your posts on any screen, Regardless of resolution, screen size or browser preference, your website will look amazing. Without search engine optimization, ever the best sites will be destined for failure. Due to the streamlined code and versatile features, your page will gain an excellent spot on search engine rankings. For more information, be sure to check out the Blogging live preview.

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Rosemary is a charming, light, and modern WordPress theme for blogs. Its classy layout has a timeless design that can easily showcase your content. With its amazing features, it complements every post. It has a full-Width Instagram area for your footers, a series of layout and post options, and a gorgeous featured area slider. With Rosemary, both your view count and your profit margin will surely increase. Since its launch, it has received updates that have further expanded its already-impressive capabilities.  The updates have incorporated page templates with sliders, full width options for archives, and some social icons for Linkedin.

Rosemary’s design is fully responsive, able to display your blog on any screen, regardless of its size or resolution. With this theme, resizing and compatibility issues are no longer a cause for dread. As a site administrator, you can choose between several blog layout versions: grid layout, classic blog layout, list layout, and more. Even your posts have different formats: video, standard, music, and gallery. Rosemary is an adaptable theme that can fit any site. In addition, it does not present a steep learning curve. Since it does not require any programming knowledge, anyone can just pick it up.

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Mikos is a beautiful and elegant, seamlessly attractive and highly dynamic, sleek and slender, readily responsive WordPress one and multipage multipurpose website theme. Mikos is an ambitiously designed, cleverly conceived platform for the uncomplicated development of sophisticated modern websites in a matter of minutes, without writing a line of code, through entirely visual admin user interfaces. Mikos includes dozens of amazing demo website templates for you to get started off on the right foot every time.

With a series of honed, well-crafted page templates and demos for the Fashion industry, fashion designers and reviewers, magazines and similar, related projects find in Mikos a fantastic ally for accomplishing effective dissemination of attractive visual content and high resolution imagery in an elegant, purposeful presentation that audiences appreciate and come back to. With incredibly advanced handling of sophisticated image galleries and portfolios, showcasing the world’s finest clothing, accessories or the latest runways is easier than ever before, and with the pixel perfect masonry grid layout styling, your pages will look modern, dynamic and clean throughout your entire Mikos fashion website. With Mikos advanced custom typography options, deep, meaningful branding is incredibly uncomplicated so you can find your voice. Get Mikos today, and check it out!

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Oshine is a WordPress theme for those who appreciate quality. It offers a charming, innovative layout and an advanced feature roster that is sure to expand your page’s capabilities. Oshine complements your content perfectly, focusing the reader’s attention on your well written posts. Many customers and reviewers have praised this theme’s excellent design and attention to detail. Upon installation, you may create a unique blog layout, or simply apply one of the 18 pre-made demos. These can save you a lot of time, given that they are fully functional.

For new users, Real Time Voiced Tutorials were added, guiding them through the setup process. Oshine is very user-friendly assuring that no coding knowledge is required.  Of course, every site element is entirely responsive. Mobile device users can rejoice, given that they can easily access content without having to worry about resizing and compatibility issues.

An innovative Drag and Drop Page Builder was added, simplifying the customization process. You only need to click on an element, and drag it across the screen to where it needs to be. Should you prefer a more hands-on experience, be sure to check out the live preview that was added on the theme website. In addition, the Master Slider facilitates the creation of amazing slides with eye-catching transitions.

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Unicon is an incredible WordPress theme that offers a design-driven interface. The code is well written, simple, and streamlined, and the feature roster is massive. Unicon can fill a variety of roles, as it can be used for the websites of eCommerce shops, creative agencies, blogs, corporations, and portfolios. Basically, if your aim is to establish a massive online presence, this is the theme for you. From start to finish, the installation process will only take a few minutes. It does not matter if you wish to create a personal blog that chronicles your life, or you want to establish a massive corporate website. Either way, Unicon has you covered.

The basic download has included many premium plugins that would otherwise cost you a pretty penny. For example, the Visual Composer Plugin was added for free, despite its $28 price tag. In addition, Unicon has an amazing Drag and Drop website builder, over 50 personalized site elements, a series of premium icons, and a practical one-click installer. In order to increase your profit margin, you can choose to distribute services or items over the internet. Thankfully, this theme can make that possible, given the inclusion of the prolific WooCommerce plugin. It facilitates the creation of a quality online store.

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TheFox is an exemplary WordPress theme whose versatility allows it to fulfil a variety of roles. Despite its powerful features and options, it remains one of the most user-friendly products on WordPress. This is not just a theme for programmers or web developers, due to the intuitive and easy to use interface. If you are not convinced by written reviews, be sure to view the live theme preview.

In an age when everyone has a smartphone, compatibility issues can ruin a site. Thankfully, TheFox is entirely responsive, capable of showcasing your quality content on any device. In addition, it also works with all major browsers. For more information regarding this theme and its features, the extensive theme documentation source can be consulted.

If trouble arises during installation, users can access the excellent support forum. With over 30 well-designed home page variations, you will have many aesthetic choices. The addition of this pre-made content can also save you a lot of time, because you won’t have to start from scratch. In total, there are over 250 variable design details, making this one of the most customizable themes on the market. With TheFox, you will only be limited by what you can imagine.

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Redwood is an excellent WordPress theme that can increase your site’s view count. It has many useful features, expanding your site’s capabilities and complementing your content. Although it can fill a variety of roles, Redwood was made for specialized blogging websites. It offers a clean, classic and timeless aesthetic design that is sure to impress your customers.

Given that online attention spans are notoriously low, you must do what you can in order to retain your user’s interest. Sliders are a great way of doing that, because they can easily showcase your best work. Redwood incorporates a charming Featured Slider, facilitating the creation of some amazing slides. In total, there are 5 distinct variations for your blog’s layout:  1st Full Post then Grid Layout, Classic Blog Layout, 1st Full Post then List Layout, List Layout, and Grid Layout. Regardless of what you choose, your site will be very beautiful.

The MailChimp newsletter widget was added, and it can send weekly updates to your most loyal followers. Taking care not to neglect the massive business potential of social media, Redwood incorporates a personalized Facebook and Instagram widget. As the site owner, you can choose from a vast spectrum of color palettes, allowing for greater aesthetic customization.

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Ronneby is one of the best themes that WordPress has to offer. It is very well-designed, and the administration panel is highly-intuitive. Just about anyone can navigate its options. With over 1300 sales, this theme must be doing something right. Should any issues arise, do not hesitate to utilize the excellent support system. The support representatives are well trained, polite, and eager to help you. Full responsiveness is at the top of Ronneby’s priority list, given that every single page element can be displayed on smartphones and tablets. This not only increases your view count, but it also lets you update content on the fly.

While some themes release 10-20 demos for their site, Ronneby has over 40. These amazing pieces of pre-designed content are simply stunning, and more will be added each week. Although you can always start from scratch when constructing your site, the fully functional demos can save you a lot of time. Ronneby allows you to shape and mold your content, thanks to some highly-versatile portfolio and blog templates. Even though its price is very low, this theme further improves its offer by adding $68 of free content in the form of premium plugins.

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Simple yet complex, Salient is an excellent WordPress theme that can increase your site’s view count.  It is packed with useful, practical features and a stunning Visual Composer tool. Due to Drag and Drop technology, you may personalize your content by simply dragging elements across the screen. Salient does all of the heavy lifting, while you get to focus on creativity and imagination. No technical expertise or programming knowledge is required.

This theme offers over 600 incredible fonts, and a limitless array of color customization options.  With many themes, Retina-readiness and mobile compatibility are added as an afterthought.  Thankfully, that is not the case with Salient.  Regardless of browser, device, screen size or resolution, your content will look absolutely amazing.

Site administrators can now benefit from the user-friendly interface of the Options Panel. Every single site element can be changed, without having to touch a single line of code. This isn’t a theme that was made just for seasoned programmers. Any user has a shot at designing a work of art. The incredible ThemeNectar slider was added, introducing support for video backgrounds, swipe screen functionality, loop and full screen options, and limitless Instances. For more information, the live theme preview can be accessed.

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Arguably the best theme in 2014, Bridge can enhance every aspect of your website. Its quality design and expansive feature roster will complement your posts. Demos are forms of pre-designed content that can be applied to your site via the One-Click Demo importer. This is a great solution for those who do not have the time to customize their page. While most themes offer a dozen demos at most, Bridge certainly goes the extra mile. With over 100 selections, lack of choice is certainly not an issue. Also, pre-made content can serve as an excellent template for those who do not know how to organize their page.

After the theme is purchased, users can expect many regular content updates. In addition, you can contact the friendly  support representatives if you are experiencing issues with your site. Designing an online store is a great way increasing your bottom line. Thanks to the amazing WooCommerce plugin, you may now distribute services and items online. For more information regarding any feature of this product, be sure to check out the extensive theme documentation source. Also, a live preview was made available. Of course, Bridge is entirely responsive and it can showcase your content on mobile devices and high resolution retina displays.

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X is a modern, innovative WordPress theme for those who appreciate quality. This product incorporates the best element library on the market. It used to be the case that you had to purchase a theme, and then shop around for some additional features. Thankfully, X offers a complete package, capable of enhancing and complementing your well-designed content.

Many entrepreneurs praise this theme, as it has helped them to achieve success. X is considered ThemeForest’s fastest-selling item of all time, shattering all previous records. If written reviews are not your thing, you can either check out the live preview, or watch the informative 4 minute introduction video. Either way, you can learn a lot about the features that are offered.

X is the only WordPress product that has several distinct designs, each incorporated into the main theme. The Developers refer to them as stacks, and there are 4 versions available: Ethos, Renew, Icon, and Integrity. Of course, every theme on the market has extensions and plugins. However, X goes one step further by customizing all of them. Your extensions will not just be 3rd party items, but specialized tools that were crafted for your site. Considering the love and care that went into its development, it’s no wonder that X managed to commercialize over a million copies.

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avada - local cafe WordPress theme

Avada is a theme that can be considered WordPress royalty. Its quality is proven by the fact that it has managed to sell over 150,000 copies. Many customers praise its versatility, often comparing it to a Swiss Army Knife. This is the last theme that you will ever need to purchase, because you can use it for all websites, regardless of their niche.

If you are a new user, do not be discouraged by the installation process. With Avada, anyone can personalize their site with ease. No coding or web development knowledge is required. If a site experiences compatibility and resizing issues, it could alienate a large portion of its viewer base. Thankfully, this theme is entirely responsive, capable of adapting to every device, including smartphones and tablets. In addition, Avada works with all major browsers.

A One Click Demo Importer was added, allowing you to setup your page in a matter of moments. These demos act as an excellent start-off point for those who do not have the time to customize every single page element. However, the demos can be later tweaked and modified in order to suit your needs. In terms of aesthetic customization, Avada has an infinite amount of site color options.

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If you are an ambitious online entrepreneur who appreciates quality, you should consider NewsPaper. It is a classy, beautiful, WordPress theme that never ceases to amaze.  The primary purpose of this product is to enhance content-rich web pages. Its design is excellent, providing both aesthetic appeal and high functionality. Mobile users will get to enjoy the same quality experience as those who prefer desktop or laptop computers. Indeed, NewsPaper is completely responsive, and it works with all major browsers. Search engine optimization is sure to increase your chances of getting noticed by potential viewers and customers. Thankfully, this theme is completely SEO-ready, and it helps you to get a great spot on search engine rankings.

Slow loading speeds can often ruin a user’s browsing experience, causing him/her to give up on your site.  NewsPaper will never put you in that situation, considering that it has lightning-fast loading speeds. Also, you may translate the entire page in order to accommodate non-English speaking users. This can increase your view count and your bottom line. Should you experience any problem with NewsPaper, be sure to contact one of the eager, polite, and knowledgeable customer support representatives.  For those who wish to sample the theme before committing to a purchase, a live demo was made available.

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Cool is a modern WordPress theme for those who appreciate beauty and attention to detail. This product has many outstanding features, and it is entirely customizable. This high degree of personalization allows it to fit any role or website niche. Should you want to experience Cool for yourself, there is a live demo on the theme’s website. Staying true to its name, Cool’s design is certainly memorable. It seamlessly blends aesthetic appeal and practicality, resulting in one of the most impressive products on WordPress.

Those who purchase this theme can rest easy, knowing that compatibility and resizing issues are things of the past. Cool can adapt to the screens of desktop and laptop computers, in addition to smartphones and tablets. This not only increases your view count, but it also allows site administrators to do their job while traveling. Any page can be personalized with ease, due to the introduction of some innovative drag and drop sections. In total, users can choose from 4 amazing layouts. In order to maximize your chances of success, Cool was optimized for search engines. This can aid you in climbing those competitive search engine rankings. If you wish to learn more about the theme’s features, be sure to check out the extensive documentation source.

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Interactive is a visually-stunning, streamlined WordPress theme that is best suited for professional blogs. If you are an ambitious site owner who wishes to captivate the attention of his followers, Interactive can be your greatest ally. With so many personalization options, you may customize your site as you see fit.  For a more hands-on experience, be sure to check out the live theme demo. This product has integrated a nice Off-Canvas Mobile Menu. It takes into account the limited space of tablets and smartphones, and hides the menu when it is not being used.

In order to promote high Google rankings and diminish bounce rates, Interactive is one of the fastest themes on the market. This leads to a superior browsing experience for your loyal followers. The Options Panel features every conceivable setting. From here, you are able to control your website, and customize it accordingly. Despite its power, this panel is quite intuitive and user friendly.

Interactive is highly responsive towards mobile devices, accommodating all preferences. In addition, it works well with any browser on the market. Social media capabilities were integrated, allowing both site administrators and fans to share content over these vast networks. Of course, social media proliferation can increase page traffic and revenue.

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WordX is a gorgeous, professional website theme for WordPress. Although it can fit any role, it is best suited for online magazine and blogging pages. This theme does its best in order to maximize your chances of success, as it enhances and complements your well-written content. WordX can alter its layout in order to suit the device on which it is being viewed. Of course, it will look amazing on tablets and smartphones.

It’s not polite to keep people waiting, especially if they are potential customers. Slow loading times are an inexcusable liability. Thankfully, WordX is lightning fast, offering an excellent browsing experience for all users. This theme offers AdSense support, making sure that advertisements will still generate revenue without bothering site visitors with intrusive ads. However, even the best pages can fail if they are not optimized for search engines. WordX has taken that into account, and it is entirely SEO-ready thanks to the indexsy help.

In an environment where attention spans are so low, it is refreshing to see that WordX-based sites have very low bounce rates. User who start reading, usually continue to do so. If you want to experience all of these amazing features without having to pay anything, be sure to check out the live Demo or the extensive documentation source.

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